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  1. I also have been using the Sextant and I'm the only one that has been crashing in my group of friends. This might be an issue. I was taking the buff to 11/4 stars for the additional time every time I use the Sextant.
  2. I continuously crash while going through tiles, doesn't matter where I go. It will eventually let me back in to the game after trying over and over. I tried verifying cache and it did it's full cycle with one missing file. It still continues to crash even after doing that. Here are a couple of pictures of the errors that occurred each time.
  3. I would say maybe Flag PVP in your claim area. This would stop a lot of the griefing going on unless they Zerg your claim/base.
  4. How is it a PvE tactic? I mean that is the reason why we are on PvE and not PVP. It wouldn't an issue if we were on PVP because we could just kill the intruder. In this case we can't we just have to stand by while they do whatever they want and rummage through everything.
  5. Hello Pirates and deck hands! This takes place on C-12 in the US PvE server. My friends and I are loving the game and have about 40-50 hours each in the game. We want to continue enjoying the game in PvE but with all the people glitching into bases we cant seem to have a reason to continue playing the game for much longer. The repair hammer patch was a start but as for people using Climbing Tools to glitch through windows is absurd. People say "Just get of the windows" which is a temporary fix. For us though we have a couple of people in our group that love building and making their houses, castles etc look amazing with different designs that we shouldn't be limited to just having walls with doors. The people that are griefing/glitching into the base try and justify it as to that the Climbing tools are part of the game and everyone else it doing it when clearly we aren't nor are the other people that were talking in chat about the whole situation. We asked them to stop because obviously glitching isn't part of the game. They continued to do it and mock us every time we ask them to stop. They said that they will continue doing it until it gets fixed. We are not the only group that is suffering from this and everyone is pretty much fed up with it. Here is a link to the conversation about the whole ordeal. Hopefully we can get something done about this. https://imgur.com/a/Kif8hIb
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