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  1. Its been like this since forever? Fairly certain this is also how it worked in Ark. There was an idiot in the atlas channel saying that imprinting does nothing and that the stats increase over the cubs maturation (which is simply not true), the stats go up by 4% each imprint (for bears, do the math if you do other animals 20/number of imprints) for a total of 20%.
  2. These are the base stats, yes mutations are still a thing but none of these are mutated: 12-1 Impawsible Charlie Level 55 47 55 Health 656,3 656,3 656,3 Stamina 900 800 900 Food 5700 4200 5700 Melee Damage 167,4 167,4 167,4 Oxygen 378 459 378 Weight 1159 1083 1159
  3. Got a fresh batch, more to come. DM me if you are interested.
  4. Will the Icebox that is planned to tbe added in the next contentpatch affect baby animals to help counter overheating (asking since the penguins dont seem to affect them)?
  5. Its 20% bonus stats for everyone (which the sheet reflects) and ontop of that the imprinter gets a 30% damage and resistance buff.
  6. We tried cooking with a water jar to see if 1 water was finally 100 units of water only to have our jar turn into a waterskin. Not sure if it matters but we were cooking Celery Soup on a grill.
  7. Another part is that people that dont play PvE dont know what its like to see your precious resources blocked of by some random kid that plops down a single foundation in your nodes and there is nothing you can do about it with these new changes. With the claimflags you could atleast change the area to be company only and remove the offending foundation after the timer expired. Even though i play PvE i think the PvP changes sound great, it will help smaller and bigger companies to not get offlined (which we all know is among the worst that can happen). The settlement stuff sounds really cool but it feels more of a PvE change than a PvP change to some extent. As you said, we still need more information on the PvE side of things before we can make any assumptions but its important that we dont just lay down and die and wait for the PTR to hit (which isnt even guaranteed to have a PvE server). Especially not if they only put them up 1 week before the planned date since by the time that week has gone and the wipe has gone through before they are able to sift through all the feedback on the new system and by then it will be to late to change it without causing another uproar.
  8. You are forgetting that not everyone wants to sail for 5 minutes and get blasted out of the water. Some of us actually like to casually sail around looking for discovery points without getting murdered. Some of us like to breed animals without worrying about them getting murdered the second the 9 hour window opens up. The list goes on and on and none of it fits in with PvP. The real solution is to allow the claim system to carry over to PvE so we can claim land without paying upkeep on our buildings. It will be impossible to maintain the large (and beautiful) structures that people have been building on PvE simply because the upkeep will be to high for everyone except the biggest companies that have tons and tons of slaves farming for them. We also need a way to get rid of trolls that come in and block resources with foundations since that is exactly what will happen when this goes live - trolls will ruin everyone elses time.
  9. I play PvE because i cant be arsed to start over daily. But its exactly because people have no balls to fight you when your online so they wait until you need to go out and then come and steal your shit.
  10. Yet another reason to play PvE. Assholes like you are ruining the fun for everyone else that just wants some casual PvP but instead gets forced to play 24/7 just to protect what little they have. Now i dont agree with the 9 hour timer since its probably going to be shit, but having PvPvE servers (where you can only fight at sea and not raid land) would be a better approach.
  11. You realise that the reason you are paying tax to the bigger company is for them to have a reason not to wipe you out right? And why would you want offline raiding its by far the worst thing that can happen to anyone and is not fun in any way shape or form.
  12. This is probably the worst thing you can do to the PvE scene. You need to open up the entire map on PvE aswell so you can see firsthand what the no-claims will be when you drop the update. As others have said it will be pillars and foundations everywhere not only to block others from building, but to prevent resources from spawning. We already see it on multiple places out in the world where people come in and place a single foundation with a bed on it right in the middle of metal node spawns - or even worse close to mineral oil nodes essentially blocking them off preventing anyone else from getting said material. You already have a new claim system in place for PvP why not let that same system be on PvE and hardlimit it per company to a very strict number that can be changed later on if needed - 3 would be more than enough even for the largest company since they can claim the biggest island they can find and hold it, this way we dont need to farm like mad just to keep our structures alive due to the natural decay but it will still allow people to build on the island and it will allow for some repairupkeep to be gained passively which helps smaller companies that hold smaller islands. I really hope you reconsider on when the PTR goes up as 1 week wont be long enough to see the actual changes and how it affects the game on a larger scale and i hope that it will be one with the PvP settings and one with the PvE settings since the two will play out entirely different.
  13. Got the ones i needed for now, thanks (=
  14. We are looking at procuring a few more female bears for our harem. Prefered stats are HP and weight but if the price is right other stats can also be of interest. Respond here or hook me up on discord @ ostjaevel#6947 We are currently situated in F11 but if your not to far away we can come to you for pickup.
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