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  1. Nice, ty for the answer, very informative, going to check what to do now, thank you.
  2. Not sure how it works now, the limit i hear is like 8k structures, but not sure if i exceed that limit, but right now my structures banishing. EU PvP O2 there the structure, thats all im building right now. help me pls, i just want to know if i already exceed the limit or its just the banish bug. edit: the benished structures its only on the first pic.
  3. Please help me with this, im tired of replacing the ceilings. This happen when i modify or place any walls. * EU - PVP J12 * cheat TP J12 -349114 262191 11219 This is the 4 time that im replacing and today makes our defense weak against a raid.
  4. yess, my pets where ok thank god haha ty for the solution yesterday.
  5. same here, check the update, i have the 207.6, and 8hs ago where the 207.7, i didnt get the update yet
  6. i just figured i have the update 207.6 and 8 hs ago where 207.7 update, i didnt get a update yet. Already restart steam but nothing.
  7. same here, had my farming animals outside helpp fix it xD
  8. Gedeon


    Jack Espárrago (right) eJO Guarani (left)
  9. my 2 friends and me had the problem that the patch 1.5 dosnt work, we can download the 19gb but when is installing the download resets and start again, happen to me 3 times, then i had to reinstall all the game. It actually a way to do it without download all the game again? The repair thing dosnt fix it.
  10. whats happening, it start again
  11. the "2 hs more" completed, next is 2 days xD
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