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  1. So excited for the non-dedicated multiplayer! Playing this game with just a group of close friends is about ideal for me!
  2. Synalia

    Freeport resources

    D8 also has sap on some trees
  3. My character is almost 60 and hideous. If the death and lineage hasn't been implemented yet, I wish we just didn't age at all for now. I am no longer a sexy pirate, I am wrinkly, hunched over pirate.
  4. Synalia

    Stuck on loading or timeout screens

    Try running 'verify files' through Steam by right clicking Atlas in your game library. Go to properties and select to verify files. If it's getting hung up on primativegamedata, I'd assume it is a local file issue.
  5. Synalia

    Pathfinder Deleted on Death-Crash

    Aw, McScurvy. Sorry that happened. I've had that pop up a couple times as well when dying. It's just a glitch. If it happens again do not create a new pathfinder. Just exit the game and restart it. On the opening screen when restarted, you'll see the option to rejoin Atlas as your usual character.
  6. Synalia

    I can't die

    It seems people are taking advantage of the ability to weigh down other people's boats until they sink. I've seen complaints from people on PVE servers as well. We put our ship in a freeport last night before we went to sleep. Woke up this morning and it was sank. Notably, so was any other ship that was obviously English named, all of the boats in... I assume Chinese (The characters are all squares so it could be any language that uses other characters that I don't have on my computer), were still standing. Hopefully the developers can work something out to where people can't just overload your ship with weight. It is a cheap way of sinking someone's ship and it is doubly suck-y when you are then glitched afterward like Grifter and I both are, unable to die, leave the ship, etc. I'm haunting that thing under the sea!