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  1. Toxic Short Boy


    No the issues is new players spamming foundations over lawless area, and just because grapeshot dropped your graphics to min and went hey Xbox ready, why should pc gamers have change to suit your needs that’s stupid
  2. Toxic Short Boy

    Amnimals Glitching off boat

    Go to the spot you think your animal should be and punch it it will snap back and reappear
  3. Toxic Short Boy

    Friend Can't see Official Server List

    Im no expert but seeing as no one else is posted i'll tell you what i would do. Theres a good chance its your friends end that the problem resides, first thing i would do is get him to launch the game while you are on it then he goes to your steam profile and clicks join game see if that works then if not make sure hes not using a vpn or anything that could be messing with his internet connection like firewalls or some avg crap, if that doesnt work see if your friend can connect to the internet through another connection just to see if it works and the problem is his end or the games end.
  4. Toxic Short Boy

    annoying npc s sounds

    enable wandering that will shut them up, i know that sounds weird but when you do this and then look again you dont see disable wander just enable wandering again, i usually do this when i park my boat near an active base stick them all on enable wandering lol.
  5. Toxic Short Boy

    Can't login, Primal GameData_BP

    latest 100mb update did this, gd job devs.
  6. Toxic Short Boy

    pve Unicorns and Scissors Galore, EU PVE

    Gonna swing over later do you have any horses for sale?
  7. Toxic Short Boy

    Same cheating/hacking as ark

    This game does have anti cheat software called battle eye but its not working, ive been pin code raided and what i do now is before i log of i replace my front door with a wall good luck code breaking that lol but yeat that wont work on a boat.
  8. Toxic Short Boy

    Annnddd it's gone!

    Look Mum Me Famous Im On The InTeRnEt