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  1. fire arrows were nerfed 33% 3 times and yet they still 1 shot people. You do that math then come back and complain about 1 40% nerf.
  2. ok this fix worked for the map crash loop for me on the pvp server. Worked like a charm to be exact. I appreciate you going through whatever process it took you to get this fix pushed through @Davian and i appreciate whatever work you had to do to get this taken care of @Jatheish.
  3. i will give this a try thank you, this is in relation to the map crash loop right?
  4. there is always more to it, this is software design.
  5. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Im not laughing at you man im laughing at the fact this is actually a thing. @Jatheish come on man, seriously. Did you guys test any of this stuff? Why would you put a level lock in a zone with a game with respecs and not test the level locks effect on respeccing when past the locked level? lmao Why? Whatever you guys/gals are smoking over there you need to share.
  6. so that we think they are paying attention while they collect the money hats from the thousands of people who have this crash that are buying second accounts to keep playing. @Jatheishsalary alone was probably paid for twice by leaving this bug/crash in the game for so long.
  7. this is what i call the zombie bug. Thankfully this bug happens to reset itself on patches. Since this game has zero support/customer support you will have to wait till after a patch. Sorry you are experiencing this and im even more sorry this piss poor dev team has zero customer level support.
  8. hi dylan this crash you are posting about has nothing to do with this current crash thread. This thread is a account level crash happening from the server. I.E. anyone who tries to play on the character crashing will crash, anyone. Nvidia or ati. It happens because of a bug in the company system database, or is related to the company system database, as can be told by the actual work around fix provided here. Most likely a result of a failure to move around permissions and ownership of beds/items and the map trying to display a bed/item whatever your account no longer has permission to see as such on map load it crashes. And its become quite clear this dev team doesnt give a sht about its community, it only cares about streamers as all issues streamers have had are being resolved within a matter of hours if not 1-2 days and the community as a whole is being ignored. Because it is an attrition related crash, eventually every single player in the game will get it and each of you will have to decide if u want to get a new steam account and game account to play again with your friends. The dev teams silence on this issue speaks absolute volumes, and the fact Valve is also not responding anymore speaks volumes. This problem is clearly wide spread and the dev team clearly has no fcking clue how to fix it, even though the solution is as simple as making a scripted button on the login screen that automates the work around presented here by the community. This is how low tier this dev team is, seriously. They would rather not fix your client.
  9. i am also sailing while playing and the sail changes feel fine Yeti.
  10. Again im amazed at all the players that come here and want games to punish players instead of rewarding players. Im curious if there are any psycho-analysis on this subject in game theory, time to go read up. I'm curious if the moment the player wants other players punished that will the player who is also punished then agree with his/her earlier self. If this is the case then is this player rewarded by the simple fact that other players are not rewarded and under what personality category does this type of player fit in and what % of the population are like this. I've started seeing this behavior type more and more in survival and certain meta-type pvp games. I also wonder if the advent of the stream becoming the amusement entertainment medium does other peoples pain now become more of a rewarded entertainment value since you can now relate it to visual stimulation and relive these situations, thus creating the game play loop between the entertainment venue and the actual in-game meta-game-play loop.
  11. why is sailing bad? The sailing is fine, im watching streams all day seems absolutely fine across the board.
  12. tacking is not keeling. prior to this patch you could tack, keeling isnt really a thing in this game
  13. correct the only reason chinese get labeled is because when you compare population statistics there are just more chinese then there are na players thus an entire server can be filled with a small sample of chinese players that are all hackers where as the na side the small percetnage is actually small. Take 1 billion people and say 1% are hacking and u have the entire population of na gamers on average of the most popular shooter games.Not to suggest hacking isnt prevelant and more accepted in chinese culture, which it is. You can goto their streaming sites and see for yourself. Hacking is more open simply because the population statistics are enormous compared to na/eu
  14. i dont know if the guys are hacking or not because im in a crash loop for 5+ days now on the pvp servers. But given i have been playing online shooters since their inception over 2 decades ago i do know that any game that has 1 shot mechanics in it has been riddle with hackusations since day 1. And this game will be no different. 1 shot mechanics should not be a thing in games considering the perception they create. As far as hitscan vs ballistic projectile i believe the game uses both as most games now a days. There is a possibility this guy is hacking like is being said here. There is also a possibility he is not. I can headshot u with arrows from max render. heh
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