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  1. I just submitted a ticket for B1, got kicked out mid way through treasure fight.
  2. People are reporting that the whole server is restarting in around 15 minutes, might be able to get on after this, I really hope so.
  3. I submitted a ticket about this last night, we were in N12 just about to anchor at an island when we got kicked off with the error "Invalid Token" and now "unable to query server". Since we are just two members both on the ship, no one is able to get the ship out of the sector. Has been 12+ hours and no server restart. There's a few more people on the Official Atlas Discord reporting the same issue as well as the steam forum for Atlas. Just stuck playing the waiting game now. Please submit tickets and if asked for the co ordinates which are required you can put n/a in the field.
  4. If i wanted to laugh like a loon when I danced, I would use my voice and laugh. Why force this fake laughter onto me. I hate it, take it away. When I jump now I cant make the exerted noise that comes with climbing and jumping, my char does it for me, cute but again I have my own voice. On another note, thank for not making female characters make a derpy "hullo" noise when waving, you just smited the men folk with that.... good.... gooooood! At least change the laughter during dancing, I used to love to dance, now.....meh!
  5. I have extreme vitamin problems when digging, tamed over a dozen crows at the weekend and spent a good few hours getting earthworms. The more I dig the hungrier I got and my vitamins didn't deplete as needed! By the time I'd broken around 20 or so shovels all my vitamins were maxed out and i was starving knowing if I ate more id overdose on vitamins and get poisoned.
  6. Latest changes to stone were completely BS, made it super weak to artillery and made it cost more. Its now harder to repair as the weight component for the wood and metal means more runs back and forth for matts. Allot of regions have poor fibre resources so gathering organic paste in these areas will be a task. There more metal in some of these stone structures than there is in a single cannonball? Seems really wrong. Increase cannonball crafting costs to compensate.
  7. Were getting ready to set up the RolePlay PVP arena on Autumn Island for fights and the chance to win goodies. Come and join then fun.
  8. We have an issue on our server that is very odd. For the most part we can connect and logout of the game fine. In some circumstances my team have fallen into foundations & the large docks & boat hulls after logging out. When they try to reconnect the server times them out quickly. After I have found their bodies and killed them IG they usually have no problems connecting or have to wait an amount of time before reconnecting. More recently I feel like this has gotten worse, our friends game crashed and after he cannot relog after being timed out constantly. In todays episode he was rock climbing and got a completely black screen with full IG hud display, so wherever he was he was alive until he died although we dont know where he died as his game crashed shortly after this happened, we saw the death message. We noclipped the whole clifside to find his body as he couldnt reconnect afterwards. Because he couldnt reconnect we dont know where his death marker was. Around 1 hour later he could reconnect, after a short time his game crashed and he was standing on the beach next to us so there was no structures around and he still couldnt relog afterwards for the server timing him out. We even tried a full server restart during a quieter time to see if he could rejoin us. I'm starting to think theres more issues with his player data server side as others arent having this trouble. I would be grateful to recieve any suggestions as to how to fix this, for example:- 1. which are the the files downloaded from our server so we can force his game to accept the latest server files when he logs in by deleting the old. 2. The ability to delete his character from the database and force a new one in case something with his old one is corrupted, I can re-level him treasure hunting, thats not an issue. The bug where you time out because your trapped in a structure needs to be fixed ASAP. I know you can do this fix for foundations for players as it worked very well on Ark when it was fixed (not so much for animals tho).
  9. Update, added extra islands to our 2x2 grid to now include most resources. https://imgur.com/a/eFEbaPQ Come join us for fun and roleplay!
  10. Yes makes ships tradeable. We wanted to sell our old Brig to a friend who started, we ended up taking the brig over to his claim so he could put a claim flag on it. Was into its final hours when some twat thought he was stealing it and decided to claim it for his own cancelling our own trade. I understand that the unclaim thing it tricky when the boat is manned by crew so make it so unmanned ships can be unclaimed.
  11. Yes, those look like the right trees. I have an island thats the same sometimes they give syrup and sometimes dont.
  12. We were exploring with our wolves, we went to put them back on the ship, one started floating away from the ship side parallel and eventually fell back to the ocean. My crew mate got him again to the side of the ship and moved him onto the ship and he started floating away again parallel to the ship, this time I was on deck and whistled him to me which he ignored and then he sank, he sank deep, so far I couldn't see his name, we swam down after him but couldn't see his tag (the distance on that is so bad by the way, too low for players and tamed animals) eventually we got the message he had been killed. I guess he got stuck under the water/map, as to how he got dragged down was something to do with physics i guess. Getting any animal onto the galleon is a mission, the brigs and smaller ships not to bad. Its slightly easier if the gunports are closed or you eventually end up trying to play a jumping game up the open gunports. Animals dying when transporting them onto the ship is a thing, they do float away, they do sink into the ocean for some unknown reason. Bug report filed.
  13. A solution to this is to allow players to tame animals from the golden age isles. Its challenging but will snag you higher level animals that wont die as easily. Alpha pigs are the worst, they hurt a ton. We have an elephant and a rhino and it takes both ridden to kill the alpha pig with the elephant draining its stamina fast so it gains torpor, there is no retreat afterwards. After dealing damage i rely on my friends rhino to provide knock back so i can regain stamina. The pack mentality too, hit one pig, 5 more come running from miles away (possibly bringing an alpha) is just BS. Lower alpha levels, 202 alpha pig in freeport is overkill. Work backwards and set alpha spawns at a lower max lvl like 150 or allow the taming of over lvl 30 animals. The disparity is extreme!
  14. Seems a shame that the animals on the Golden age isle cannot be tamed but arent alphas, we tried getting a high level bull but it said that the weight was too heavy once we got its HP down and tried to bola it. The shame is, we killed and kited several high level wolves that took a ton to kill, built a small pen and killed all the army of the damned that spawned our way. It was a challenge. So if we wanted to go to the Golden age isle with any animals they will only ever be maximum lvl 70 against lvl 70-120+ non alphas. I understand that some things should be unnameable like yetis and leatherwings but simple farming animals at the higher level shouldn't matter if your willing to make the risk for the reward.
  15. Logged in this morning to find our boat sunk beneath us, it had recently happened as I saw the name on the back of the ship sink before my eyes as the crew and animals aboard floated to their doom. In the log it just says that it was destroyed. We were 4 players sleeping aboard as well as a full crew (around 18 capacity). W'eve had this ship for a while now, although a heavy portion of the NPC crew we acquired the day we logged off. We were not docked in particularly shallow water so no collisions from the environment, however could it be that a player or NPC/player has caused a collision upon my login and to deal with the collision the game destroys the ship. I know this is a long shot as collision with players doesn't affect land structures, but essentially there are 3-5 things that can cause the collision with the ship, Tames, NPC Crew, Player Crew, Ocean and the ship itself. I've noticed often when logging off on the ship my body eventually slides off so I am not static on the ship when I am sleeping there.
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