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  1. So my server, I had turned the resource respawns to really, really fast. I mean when we run back the wood from trees, by the time we get back from the base, they are respawned. However, since the server was updated to 8.56, I no longer have anything respawning. I have verified the settings file hasn't changed. 1) Have you guys seen the same thing? 2) Any ideas how to fix this?
  2. No, I am asking you if you do have ship paths. If you have ship paths, it could explain why you would still have 20 ship of the damned.
  3. Do you know if that UTCtime changes the length of day/night? I normally have a slow day, very fast night. (I hate night in games. Despise it. Having a dark stream is horrible for all, LOL)
  4. They said the chances of there being a map is supposed to be low. I don't know how I screwed up my game, because I get 1 100% of the time. Others are like you, and are reporting none.
  5. Do you have ship paths on the map? Ship of the damned are currently turned on by default to spawn without ship paths.
  6. Let us know! I currently have 30 people on my servers, so cannot test without disappointing a lot of friend's play sessions. I can just change the file and let the auto restart on the servers update it over night.
  7. have you tried using the dinoweight per level stat from Ark?
  8. Cool, glad you made a tool to make it easier. Whenever I want to make a change to my 6, I download the correct .ini, make the changes, then just reupload the edited .ini to all 6 servers, normally using a ftp program to make it a lot easier/faster. I can see having a lot more servers how much of a pain this could be.
  9. The only thing I would like to be able to do differently on Arkon is be able to broadcast to all 6 servers at once, instead of copy/pasting the message 6 times, LOL. I can see having 9+ servers how much work this could be.
  10. I have been with Nitrado for 4 years. Never had to file a ticket with them until now, so have no idea how their CS normally is.
  11. LOL, I wiped 4 times the first week we opened. I made a LOT of mistakes, a LOT of learning experiences. Still waiting for Nitrado to help me resolve 1 of them, I have a useless server for a week now, they are charging me for, but can't add Atlas back to it. Kind of tired of it actually. Their CS sucks.
  12. If that is the default servergrid.json, with 15x15 grid, I used it for a while, but kept having problems with it. Thankfully, I had downloaded a copy of cluster-grid.json before screwing with it, so I just edited it to add in my extra cells.
  13. Cool, thats good to know. Would still like to change some settings, lol.
  14. Has anyone figured out how to change the mutiny timer and possibly even the crew cost for private servers? Changing dino decay didn't help. The problem I am seeing is they will mutiny on my server after 3 hours of not being paid. Since I do not live in the game, this is not currently possible, LOL. The cost thing is debatable, and don't truly care about it.
  15. I also use Nitrado. I found I had to edit all the server ports on the map for the islands to be visible in game. We sailed there, and no islands appeared. Nitrado says you don't have to mess with the ports, they do it automatically, however, I have yet to have it work without messing with the ports. On Nitrado, I used 27000 for seamless, 57555 and 5755 for game ports.
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