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  1. If you don't understand the fear behind Dollie's comment then you might not have experienced Rust and how almost every decent person there was chased out by Adderall riddled script kiddies and people that never matured beyond that point. "Trolling" was what they used to hide their sadism. When pissing people off is your main goal why not cheat and exploit!? It's not like you are trying to world build with people... just trolling... It got bad and the devs of Rust were very complicit with cheating (I'm pretty sure it was a secondary revenue stream for them through a guy they had on their Jira that I know tested cheats using a kiddie crew). In the end they lost countless players due to it and were left with a community that is inherently annoying and immature. But Atlas won't survive that. People came here for a MMO and not another survival abuse sim.
  2. Was stuck with this issue for days before I brute forced a "fix". You need to follow these steps... Run game in low mem mode and change the GFX to low and resolution to the min in windowed mode. Open up however many 4K videos on youtube that you need to slow your connection. Join your problem region and spam click where the "Spawn Home Region" button would appear if it loads that far. If you see the map menu before it crashes take a screenshot/snippet so that you can reference the location of that button. Once you manage to respawn open your inventory, go to company and make your own company ASAP before dying again! Your assets will be transferred to your company and release you from the bug. Trust me, it's the only way.
  3. My bad, I could swear I saw him spamming that same message in other threads but I can't see it in his history now. He's still wrong though.
  4. Your character's spawn location is corrupted on the server and you will not be able to join that server again until this issue is addressed by the devs or they wipe the server completely. If you do manage to get in you will not be able to use your map or spawn on a bed/fast travel or it will crash. It is not a client problem and there is nothing you can do to fix this yourself. There are a few posts about this very topic on this bug forum.
  5. You know it's bad when you have to request your progress gets wiped because the devs wont even address it. Also have a bricked character in EU PvE but will wait till I see some results before posting a steam ID.
  6. I reinstalled my OS from scratch and it didn't resolve the issue. It is confirmed to be server side by others and myself.
  7. Devs please wake up and realize that this bricks the game for people actually trying to enjoy your game. At least say something about this because it's already resulting in refunds.
  8. Gypsy

    crashes game

    Hi, I'm also experiencing this same issue. I believe the game crashes when the map is called/selected. It will cause you to crash on joining the server once you die. I have reinstalled my entire PC from scratch but still broken. Can join other servers and it only started when I lost my ship so I believe the beds are causing it to crash. It's not related to performance because changing it to the minimal settings doesn't work but changing servers does. The issue is occurring for me on EU PvE but is not bound to a specific grid server.
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