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  1. its not even close to EVE, EVE is just vastly superior in all aspects and have a competent dev team who care !
  2. kam7r

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    can you guys post a screenshoot where the fountain precisly is on o7 plz ?
  3. i have a ryzen 2600 with 32gb and a Vega56, the game works well in 1440p nearly 60fps everytime @ epic settings
  4. kam7r

    PVE need it own set of rules

    nobody's agreeing ?
  5. As the title said, you can't balance a PVE game/server with PVP set of rules they need to be a PVE et and a PVP one, you can't balance a PVE game with a PVP set of rules, it will NEVER work, can't you understand that devs ? it's completely impossible. Or are you completely imcompetent at game balance ? And don't tell me unofficial servers blablah, i want to play on official, a 2nd set of rules should not be that hard its only numbers on a speedsheet FFS sry for english, not my 1st language
  6. they're useless they don't stop
  7. kam7r

    Cannot pick up Powerstone

    how did you managed to do this alone ? me and a mate tried but there a shiton of fire elemental that we hit for 4hp taht we didn't went far
  8. kam7r


    i think its a problem with Nvidia gpus, because on 4 friends ( yea not really representatitve but... ), me and one have AMD gpus : no problem and the 2 others nvidia gpus : problems with black sky, low fps etc... i even have more fps with my Vega56 (same as a 1070ti) than a friend with a 1080ti with same graphical options...
  9. hi, with the claiming system and the ghost ships, the game is unplayble... if the claim system stay the same, ghost ships as to go, because we can't live on the sea, and we can't live on land without being logged in 24/7 whith that broken claim system... you farm days and days, go to sleep, then the 1st peon walking in your area can destroy everything in 40min... something as to be done, let us live on the sea or on the land, right now its a sado masochist experience
  10. kam7r

    Okay, how exactly do claim flags work.

    no its not only the claim spammer, me and my team have only 2 claim ( the land and the water connected to it ) and we have the same problem
  11. Hi guys, French Streamer here, thinking of stopping the game completely this is why : Ghost ships... we farmed on a Lawless island UE PVE server ( so a newbie spawn ) and we got our fist sloop, we stocked our ressources and went to see to explroe the oceans, then at i'd say 2/3km ... we saw 2 ghost ships, we managed to evade, then even not 500m after, 4 ghost ships in any directions... not choice but to go back to the island and ... wait ? This is the point, it's a pirate mmo, pirate should be able to explore the seas, not being stuck on a island coz of the ghost ships spam. IMO : in pve atleast, the ghost ships should be rare and an awesome boss fight, not a spam like some wolf or tiger... at the moment the ghost ships spam is killing your game, i humbly warn you, even the newbie areas are spammed with them, you must , if you want your game to survive to do something about them, at the moment its unplayable. this is my 2 cents, this game could be awesome but for now its just an island survivor game.