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  1. I'm having the same issue...I have a RTX 2080 XC, not overclocked or overheated. Happens at random and I've found no fix for it as well. Please help!! I've only experienced this with Atlas, not ARK.
  2. I'm also trying to figure this out for my private server.
  3. Do you think 32gb of ram is enough to run a 3x3 on a i7 6820?
  4. I ended up deleting my save folder and it fixed the problem.
  5. Has anyone ran into the problem that when moving or deleting an island, creatures still spawn in that location. In my case, I removed an Island and left open ocean in it's place and now creatures and birds still spawn in the same location, just over water now.
  6. I am having the same problem with my grid. I'll check my gathering rates and let you know if that fixed anything.
  7. I manually do it each day before I sleep that way I don't lose as much data from a restore if needed. However, every since I re-download the redis server from Microsoft directly I haven't had any issues from the stock setup. I've been playing 4 days strong on a 1x2 grid.
  8. I figured as much, thanks. Any idea on how I can prevent redisdatabase from running out of memory? or create multiple backups?
  9. Ahoy, not sure if this is the right forum for the question, but my Redis-Server crashed this morning, which has happened before. The fix I found that worked was for me to run the clear.bat file which wipes my ingame profile out, causing me to start a new character. I've been playing this rendition for about 4 days and would hate to have to create another profile becaused it crashed again. Is there away that my profile can be saved even after I run the clear.bat? Thanks!
  10. Ahoy, My redisdatabase crashed this morning and wouldn't allow my server to start. I ran the clearall.bat that comes with the server to reset it and it finally came back online. However, when I logged into the server my profiles and everyone else's that I play with disappeared. This happened before and I just created a new profile. However, I've been playing for awhile and have built a lot of stuff that I would hate to start over if there's a simple fix. Please help if you can! Thank you. Sincerely, EBF
  11. Another satisfied customer! Thanks @Teach for the troubleshooting and the constant support in the forums. I'm enjoying the game with my family tonight before I deploy next week because of you. Little things like this make it worthwhile. Happy New Year shipmate, and thank you for your service!!! Very Respectfully, EBF
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