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  1. You are fking complaining about everything here. Everything has destroyed the game - because you cant handle it. wtf is wrong with you?
  2. If its a claimed island, you can use "Ownership demolish" in the first 24h during peace phase. It its not a claimed island, its not your island anyways.
  3. Because there was private servers with ship vs ship pvp setting, and nobody wanted to play that.
  4. Oh, your friend said this? Then, it must be true! You have forgot to mention that a base pack timer will be introduced soon, so one person hitting the wall of your base with bare hands is enough to prevent the uploading until his friends arrive, you also have forgotten to mention that due to server issues, LO has already lost 30% of the players, and you also forgot to mention that LO is absolutely about non stop grinding ressources, unless you want to run around with common stuff.
  5. You dont realize that 2nd and 3rd player have a better K/D than you, do you? Youre a perfect example for the so called "Dunning-Kruger-Effect". Oh, by the way, ill start argumenting like you do. So.. i was in the Top 10 of a very, very popular browsergame once. So i am right, you are wrong. Deal with it.
  6. Sadly i have to inform you that the community ot atlas doesnt decide what "the future of gaming" is. Customers of Electronic Arts tried to act like that already.
  7. No. You have to wait 48 hours.
  8. Its amazing how butthurt people can be. Even trying to report for "Fraud" while it isnt any fraud at all. Who cares that people would lose their job? Seriously, ive never seen such egoistic retards in my whole life. Acting like babies whose lollipop was stolen.
  9. If everybody did that, there wouldnt be any more PVP at all. Just because nobody wants to lose stuff. Do you really want a PVP game that way? Seriously.
  10. 1. Feed prisoners 2. Give prisoners water. 3. Keep them blacked out with Blackjack 4. Heal them with medkit. Enough possibilities.
  11. You present 3 reasons. In 2 of them, you talk about "Single Players". Hint: Theres a single player mode in this game. For single players.
  12. Dude, stop using a new line for every single sentence. This isnt WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. To make it easier to respond to all that BS, i ordered it into numbers. 1.) The difference between Counterstrike and ATLAS is: In Counterstrike, the server managed the teams, so it became even numbers. In ATLAS, there isnt such an option. And because players are lazy, selfish, too dumb or whatever, they cant manage to group up. I wonder why some people can, and others stay solo/duo/trio while complaining. 2.) There is a lack of counter-measures? Doubt it. I could tell you how to fight larger companies, but well... if you cant find out by yourself, its your problem. 3.) Read 2.) 4.) There is. A very simple one. A very, very simple one. I could tell you, but well... read last part of 2.) HINT: No 2nd account needed, no erased character needed. 5.) I could ask you why you complain about another company being able to fight back after you attacked them, but I wont. 6.) You can. 7.) Oh, you want to have the same benefits without the effort to group up with other people? Do you complain at work that people who group up while working on projects finish their work faster than you, working solo? 8.) You dont, but obviously, this game isnt made for you anyways. 9.) Yeah, too many snowflakes around these days. 10.) Its hard for some people to realize that they cant expect a Porsche when buying a Volvo. Obviously, the game is made for players that can handle the circumstances. You´re not one of them, it seems. So you´d better look out for a game that fits your playstyle/skills. 11.) The total player count, counting in the reviews just shows that players bought an early access game, while expecting a bug free final release game. 12.) Risks of being a large company: Players losing interest. Players forming own groups within the company. Company becomes an interesting target for other large companies. Company gets invaded by insiders. Thats just a few. Theres more. But you didnt even try to think about it, since you only see your own point of view, not even trying to think outside the box. Thats why you wrote 2.), 3.) and 4.) 13. Read 12.), you dont need to repeat yourself. 14.) Thanks god you´re not a game designer/developer. I highly doubt that you´d be able to decide what a proper game design is. 15.) You forgot to complain that people can have more health than you, due to higher level. 16.) Read 15.) 17.) Ehm? 18.) You basically ask why people dont get punished for not playing solo/duo/trio. In a multiplayer game. Thats cute. 19.) More fair? For whom? Only for solo/duo/trio players, obviously. You ask for drawbacks and risks for players in a larger company than yours. What if the larger company has 20 players, max level 40, while you sit in your highly effective deffed base, with a group of just 4 level 120 players? Is that fair? I doubt it. 20. Typical "blabla i dont care about this game blabla thats why i waste my time here in the forums blabla".
  13. Okay, i see. You´re assuming you´re speaking for all players that don´t play this game anymore. Seems legit. I guess the major difference between me and you is that i accepted to play an early-access game when i bought the game, while knowing what "early access" really means. When reading all the reviews on steam, im pretty sure you´d be able to wipe out 85% of the bad reviews as "Reviewer doesn´t know what early access games are". Of course, you have the right to criticize the game, and to make suggestions. But, and thats the problem: You think you speak for the vast majority of players. For all those who dont play anymore, because of several reasons. And you lack to understand that you´re not the chosen one in that case, since nobody is "the guy that is right". Btw. all of my family, friends, workmates stopped to play this game, because of players like you. I speak for them. I have no proof for that, but yeah... i do speak for them. I guess you might realize how dumb that argument is, and maybe you´ll stop to pretend to know why the huge playerbase doesnt play this game currently/anymore.
  14. The ammo with spikes has a 15 sec timer on it, until it explodes after hitting your ship. The other type of ammo is bar shot, they only destroy the canvas of your sails. When you get attacked with those, you can try to close your sails immediately.
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