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  1. Dingiva

    Combat phase too long

    Totally BS. Our members play. And our war period is set to the average freetime in our country in the afternoon. We have 1 guy working on different shifts, who is only able to play in the late evening. So he generally covers the last 2 or 3 hours of the war time frame. Just because he likes to play this game. Not a single of our members is forced to play. Everyone logs in when he wants to. And if that means we have 1 or 2 hours where noone is protecting our base - so be it. Just do the maths and you will realize that even if your company only has 7 active players, it can easily happen that at least 4 are online during the whole war period. Not the same 4 people for 9 hours. Fixed it for you. Its just not reasonable for you. And thats why you want a shorter period of time where you can be raided. Bad news: You´re not the core of the playerbase. You´re just one player out of thousands. So dont transfer your own playstyle/wishes/possibilities to all players. Get over it. If you cant cover the whole time frame with your company - thats your own problem. Find more members or allies that help you to protect your island. Or refuse to do so. Its your free choice. But dont ask anyone to play like you want. If you invest less time/are willing to invest less time than other players/companies, dont ask to be able to afford the same as they do. We have more active members than you do? Fine. Its because we are more active, and have more buddies actually playing this game. Noone has the right to punish us for this fact. You´ve already lost this discussion when you implied that everyone who invests more time into this game must be unemployed. Just because this is the major argument whenever it comes to discussions about specific game mechanics that are too hard for some people: Player A: "I cant kill XY, it should be nerfed, its has too much armor!" Rest of players: "Dude, just try different tactics. With some skill, you can easily kill XY!" Player A: "Sorry, but I just play for fun! I have a job!" You´re Player A, obviously.
  2. Same here. Heard so many things about those bad, bad, zerging Megas. Never seen them. At least, I´ve never seen them in such a large number, that a 20 man-company, acutally using their brains and having some skill, would have been able to defeat them. At least, defeat them for a while. Pro Tip: An alliance of 3 20-man-companies can easily fight a 75-man-tribe. The truth is: People in such 3-5 man-companies talk about alliance and stuff, but they dont do it. They use the alliance feature ingame, but they just use it as a chat and for trading, nothing else. If alliance members are attacked, they dont help, they keep doing their stuff. And another truth: a 20 man-tribe that gets ganked by a 50 man-tribe doesnt care about unfair balances while attacking a duo or trio. They dont ask "how many are in your company?" before they attack. They attack because they actually know that their enemy cant defeat them due to larger numbers. But then, the 20 man-tribe comes to the forums and cries about megas. Thats so funny. And hell, yeah: Of course, its the same old story that you´ll encounter on every game: "If smaller companies get supported, there will be so many new players"... yeah, ask yourself, why those players dont already play and join up your small companie? Because they dont fking exist. And the small amount of players that would join just wants to do their own stuff, playing solo, and being Jack Sparrow.
  3. Dingiva

    Combat phase too long

    So, its the neverending, 30 years old myth again, that only unemployed people can achieve something? We are all affected by the same mechanics. Our company manages to have solely members that have a job (productive member of the society blablabla), and still, during war period, theres always at least 4 or 5 people online. Not for the full period, but once someone logs out, another member might log in. Seriously, its always the same story, about "i have a job" and stuff. Its boring.
  4. Bulletthing is just trolling. Regarding his posts in the forums since EA release, i highly doubt he even managed to build a 1x1 on his own. Fun fact: 10/10 Atlas players are some pvp superheroes from Ark. You´re just a good player, if the majority of the playerbase on a server knows your name. Well, never heard of this guy, except on the forums. Guess why.
  5. No wonder, since there is another topic. The FOY is on the same location on every server, but this dude just wanted to create new threads, which are not used by players.
  6. Players ideas will always help to improve a game during early access. I wish there was a suggestions forum for those ideas. Oh, wait...
  7. Dingiva


    Its funny how all the "playerbase" says the game is dead already and blablabla, and they still come back to the forums every day. Being pissed off by a game, but still logging in every day and/or visiting the forums on a regular basis is some kind of retarded.
  8. Dingiva

    Whole Company Banned

    In that case, you should charge him the money you paid for Atlas.
  9. Dingiva

    Whole Company Banned

    You were in a company of 3. So no random mass company. You know that you all got banned for a sign. So you must have known about the text, right? If you were admin of the company, you could have kicked the guy. If you were just a member, you could have left the company. And dont forget about the possibility that they also checked chatlogs and stuff. Thats what makes you a butthurt little boy who cant get over something that someone wrote on the internet.
  10. Maybe try out some singleplayer games? This is fking early access! Stop making the same QQ-threads and start using the freaking suggestions forums. They are made to make - guess what? SUGGESTIONS! Feel free to post there. Dont come here, cry and shout "I dont like that! Change it, so it pleases me!"
  11. Born in 1970. Started on a Schneider CPC 464, had an Atari, learned to code in Basic on a Commodore 64, had an Amiga 500, Amiga 500+ and so on. And what you write is BS. You are not "the players".
  12. Dingiva

    So I don't get this game?

    This is a survival game. And a PvP game. If you dont like to get ganked in PvP, simply dont play on a PvP server. So, why would I, as a PvP-player, attack a raft? Because its PvP. I dont have to farm stuff, since other players farm stuff for me. Why should i leave him, making it possible for him to grow up until he is strong enough to attach ME? I know, its hard to lose. But get used to it.
  13. And mystically, only the defenders get kicked and have lag. Yeah. Technically completely legit. NOT. Even if i wasnt a telecommunications engineer, working in the broadband business, i wouldnt believe that BS. And nobody even wonders why the defenders cant reload their cannons, while the attackers can? Its simple: they cant. Lag is lag. If the server has lag issues, every player on that server is affected. If only a part of the players is affected, its not a server issue, but an issue related to someones personal connection.
  14. Dingiva

    South America PvP Server

    To be honest, i cant remember a single MMO that had south american servers. counterstrike and stuff, and community servers dont count. Ive seen a chart about the peak of players during the last weeks. The peak was around ~90k. Assuming that all of them were from south america, and regarding the map size, you´d have, the south american players wouldnt even be able to populate the whole map. In addition, the timezones would leave some south american players without any other players to interact with. Somehow, im sure that it is all about the chinese, only.
  15. Dingiva

    Griefers every fcking night?

    1) There is no "mysterious" symbols in player names. Chinese, Phillipine, Japanese, Kyrillic, polish, spanish, portugese, even some german letters arent correctly displayed. Its not something mysterious, its the simple fact that theres more than just the typical, english letters around the world. 2) So, youre asking to be fully protected while being offline? In a multiplayer game? Why? Arent people who life in a different timezone/country allowed to attack you, just because you dont play at the moment? Then do it! Protect your ships in pens, hire NPCs, build cannon towers and swivel guns, all manned with NPCs. But stop asking to change game mechanics because you dont want to/cant use those that are already given to you.