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  1. This is currently a problem that's very hard to solve. Some tribe is attacking in PVP, that's fine and dandy. But as they lay claims on the island, their (generally as small as possible) characters find a rock/hillside to lie prone next to, and basically are invisible, maybe a very very tiny patch of hair sticking out or something. As a defender, this is frustrating as hell, I'm fine with losing in a pvp match but this isn't pvp, this is basically invis mode by a naked guy giving almost no effort to capture a flag the moment I and my team leave the area. There really needs to be a counterplay to this, maybe make yellow capture areas highlight enemy positions if they stay still for over 10 minutes or something?
  2. NPCs can man ballistas, and the dragon has been nerfed. The swivels + npcs in carts is a bit obscene though,need to force it to be humans on a cart only. It wouldn't be so bad except if the server lags then the NPC is the only one getting clear shots (and they need to make the horse+cart combo NOT able to swim, much less swim so fat...ridiculous on several levels)
  3. Do puckles even aim upward far enough?
  4. Sure but I'd assume that that's only good for killing people outside of bases? Or can canister shots actually do damage to stone, to the point where it can allow a break in a wall or such?
  5. There will be new tokens for fire elementals, rock elementals, cyclops and gorgons. The first two will be ridable. Whether they're short term or not is unknown, though likely. Depending on the duration, cost and whatnot though you could potentially use them as defense, we'll have to see. Would not be surprised if a "Disguised as a rock" elemental was meant for defense though.
  6. Guessing we'll get a tame that "regulates temperature" or something eventually.
  7. I know they tweaked the dragon in a recent patch, how much damage was it doing? And did carbines and such make a dent in it's health? As to the "TNT" barrel meta, that was actually the meta a couple weeks ago. These days you have swivels on ships manned by npcs pointed inward and one at the front of the ship pointed forward. Not impossible to get by them or snipe them first but it takes a lot of skill and effort, and TNT barrels are -very- expensive, generally too expensive for tribes to risk on such risky shenanigans. New meta as far as I've seen is fast, as light as you can make them ships with all speed sails. Minimal weight on board, you just bail water and replace planks. Some are going with -no- gunports, and putting their cannons on top deck only. The land PVP Meta seems stagnent though. While you can fight on the ocean with ships or destroy ships in harbor, unless you can bombard a base from the water (IE they had no choice to build inland or stupidly didn't), it's -very- hard to break into a stone structure right now, especially if it's surrounded by behemoth gates and on the highest point to prevent gliding. Best way is to either catch them asleep (not going to happen for the larger tribes) or slowly defend and claim a piece of land nearby to set a mortar up on (and make sure they can't mortar you back easily). Thinking the new tames being announced (particularly the rock elemental) might be the base busters tho. We'll see how their damage against gates/stone walls is.
  8. Updated the main post with current knowledge (and a couple spots I'm unsure of, pls chime in if you know).
  9. Well this was a first. We had another battle yesterday where, surprise suprise, we started fighting at sea and boom, 255 ping. I wingsuited to land and then we got this message. I'm very curious how the people who get teleported are selected, does it give "staying" priority to people who have land claims in the zone? Totally random picks? Will ships suddenly not be captained? Etc etc
  10. As was said above, the question is whether companies which have obviously embraced cheating are going to be wiped -as a company-. Individual bans are not going to be effective if the tribe is able to still keep the territory and resources they acquired through cheating. The individuals banned will just get a new account and level up a new character, the bans on individuals are not a deterrant if they still gain from cheating
  11. They said they banned 300+ players. Please hold us or we explode from laught´╗┐er. Everyone see Banning players does jack. Those players can reroll a new account in a heartbeat. They need to wipe the tribe and all the claimed land and resources they amassed as a result of cheating.
  12. No matter what they do, they'll not make a public execution of it or anything. Despite how in character that would be for this game Having said that though, the fact that the cheating companies (Hunter inO9 is another infamous offender) haven't been wiped yet is really making their claims of strict anti-cheating policy feel like empty words.
  13. o_O What the hell magic server are you on? That's been the direct opposite of my experience, we go after anyone with even a 3v3 brig situation or such and the lag goes through the roof. edit: are you on a private server?
  14. That might be true if there's nothing going on at sea, but again it's when you're fighting at sea that it becomes impossible. Especially with large crews
  15. As per the title. Every time our tribe goes after another or is under attack by a substantial force, the lag spikes up to 255 and we see the waves constantly reversing course with the lag. The game just cannot take it. Given that this is the same engine as ark and the lag issues haven't been solved there in the past 5-odd years, I have to ask if the large naval battles idea is just a false promise that can't be delivered. Am I wrong? Anyone with more server know-how than me able to refute that notion?
  16. I'd like for there to be some counterplay to sandbars. Like if you get stuck on a sandbar IRL, you hook up some chains and pull it to safety, maybe putting some rounded logs under it to make it easier.
  17. Search for a post that shows screenshots of the wall. Note the date it was put up and realize that this is not a mega tribe, it has between 50-100 members and only 20-30 or so are active. Ask yourself how possible that is in such a scenario. (You might be still thinking that it's possible without looking, again just look at the pictures and size involved before saying anything).
  18. That's great but that's again just individual players. This tribe has already had a solid several weeks to dupe out a wall big enough for godzilla repelling purposes. They have enormous stockpiles of (also duped) materials, and if the individual cheaters get banned they'll simply roll another character and keep on cheating. Again, we need tribe wipes to actually solve the problem.
  19. Ok good to know on the melee weapons at least. Elevator use is...interesting
  20. It was Ugly Joan 9-toes senior wasn't it? That floozy.
  21. As per the title, since week one we've seen reports, linked streams where cheating is being flaunted, videos of one guy headshotting 5 guys in the same second from outside of visual range, etc. I started in O9. Anyone within 10 tiles knows the story of what happened to my tribe and all the other tribes in the area. A single cheating tribe forced us all out with aimbotting, esp and shooting into buildings with no windows/doors open. They now "own" O9, and the alpha tribe I'm now part of, who are fairly aggressive and not afraid of punching back hard when someone harasses us, just says to not bother with the O-9 server because you can't beat people who cheat that hard. This is common knowledge among all our allies too, including many who are in the top 10 list on the main page for the NA pvp server. Yet despite the common knowledge aspect, and all the reports, and the public stance against cheaters by Grapeshot/Wildcard...that tribe is still there, and slowly expanding with their allies. What will it take to get an obvious tribe of cheaters like them, or the various other ones caught on stream/video, to get wiped and banned? There's a lot of players who were on the server that don't bother playing anymore, and this isn't a problem that will go away with individual player suspensions or bans.
  22. I tried this and watched a damaged portion, never got repaired I did notice that we took no decay damage though, and someone else on the crew confirmed that. Of course, could be glitched npc or the plank was out of range or w/e, but can anyone confirm they've seen repairs happening from NPCs alone?
  23. Right now I know they can: 1) Be assigned to Cannons and ordered to fire from the ship wheel or podium. 2) Be assigned to swivel/puckle guns and set to attack tames/players, or just wild, etc. IE base/ship defense. 3) Keep ship decay from happening while docked and doing their sweeping motion 4) Get armor equipped for better survival against sniping and such 5) Be assigned to sails for ez mode ship navigation, only requiring one guy at the wheel. They also need to be fed both from a Larder and Ship Resource box with coins, or have the food and coins deposited in their inventory. From what I've been able to gather 1) They cannot equip a weapon that is left in inventory, or in other words their offensive combat potential outside of artillery is pretty much nada? They can and will attack seagulls on sight though...and climb on other ships in the process of chasing the damn birds and make them over the crew limit -_- 2) They can be assigned to steer a ship, HOWEVER they have no AI against sandbars or the like, IE this function is one you should never use. (sidenote to any lurking devs, we would TOTALLY risk someone attacking our ship if we could record a navigational path for an npc to follow. It would allow us some relief from the monotony of sailing and allow opportunities for attackers...some kind of course charting thing in seafaring or captaineering would be great and lore friendly!) 3) While their sweeping motion stops decay, contrary to rumor I have not been able to get them to repair with a hammer in their inventory Other things I would love to see NPCs do (but I don't think they can) would include things like harvesting nearby crops once ready, putting them on follow and harvest mode with a pick/axe/sickle, and similar menial jobs. Anyone know of any other uses I haven't named?
  24. Put them in back, facing behind your ship, man them with npcs. Aggro a ghost ship, kite it. There's a nice sweet spot where your large cannons can hit the ghost ship, but their cannons will miss you (because you're constantly moving away). You can take down high level ones with ease once you practice this enough.
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