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  1. Yeah I like the idea of "the more weight you have the more drag on the glider" as a balancing tool, that way you can't have hundreds of pounds of grenades and mortar/foundation combos to set up.
  2. Are they at all effective against stone? Or is this pretty much an anti-ship thing (not that that's bad).
  3. Honestly with the flag changes I'd expect a lot of the bigger tribes to claim land on islands near their base, but then turn around and say "Ok, you can settle here as long as you don't do claim flags. We'll benefit from the taxation and having you there to shout out early alarms, and in return we'll help protect you." Far easier to do that then try to grow the tribe (more risk of insidering) or claim land not on their main island and hold it/keep reclaiming it against the bobs of the world.
  4. Honestly my response is: 1) Please don't remove gliders. They're -fun-. So much of this game's play is wasted walking and running and sailing from A-B, and this alleviates that a bit. 2) Agree that we need better anti-air, glider's should be limited in terms of assault power. For my 2 cents I'd heavily buff Puckle guns, they're far weaker and lower range than a carbine, and you can't equip an npc with a carbine. Just give them a great amount more range and do more damage to players in the air maybe? Edit: And you need some kind of automated defense, just saying "Shoot them with a gun" implies someone is always on the lookout and ready at your base/harbor, which honestly isn't even true for the average alpha tribe (yes I'm in one). It's fine for stopping them once the alarm goes out but it's nothing right now to climb a nearby cliff, glide into a harbor, and start causing some damage.
  5. Have tried, doesn't seem to do anything. Just put a mass of cannons on the back of your boat manned by npcs, one cannon in the front. Drive straight at the ghost ship, fire the cannon when in range then U-Turn and kite it. You can find a sweet spot where your npcs will hit it and the shots from it will come up short because you're moving away.
  6. Love the Guillotine, tho I'm a bit worried that there's way way wayyyyyy too much incentive to kill yourself in this game, whether because funny or to get vitamins back without trying to fight fish. One thing that has me worried, we have all this noise about dealing with cheaters, yet (without naming names), practically everyone in the NA PVP server knows who the biggest cheating company is and where they're located, with many forum posts and videos showing aimbots, detailing exploits...and yet, they're still there? At what point do you go nuclear and destroy the tribe and their (duping inspired) humongous buildings?
  7. Great Googly Moogly, what kind of trash idea is this? Backing up a bit, I went Artillery/Gun spec with full intelligence to see if we could eke out a few more % damage for our defensive cannons/swivels/mortars. Then a company member remembered we had some hide/fur/plate blueprints with +intelligence bonuses on them. We'd never bothered crafting them before but hey, maybe they'd finally have a purpose! ...and that's when I found out, I can't wear anything but the basic, non blueprint gear unless I have the armor skill unlocked. What kind of nonsensical BS is this? It means if you want to be an intellect crafter for any profession, you have to tick off the armor skills no matter what? And apparently you can't use gun blueprints in a similar fashion? But on the other hand, ships+cannons and other blueprints are A-OK whether you have the skill or not?
  8. Ahhh, thanks, did not know about ballista = whale but it makes a (silly) sort of sense in a game where pirates covet gems not for the cash value, but their explosive properties XD Still wondering in what scenario a catapult means anything but stupid waste.
  9. Word from one of our allies is that Grenades are doing a huge amount of damage to Mortars and possibly cannons. Can anyone confirm this? I've seen their (pathetic) damage to stone and they're not nearly as effective on players as fire arrows or carbines, if true though this would be a bona-fide use.
  10. The same tribe (Hunter) and it's various offenders (Shiina Xu and a few others) have been caught on videos and whatnot linked here for weeks. Don't think "forum rules" copy/pasted from Ark have been implemented and/or enforced yet. Much less the in-game banning of these guys.
  11. People have been reporting "Hunter" since day 1. That they're not banned as a tribe yet speaks volumes.
  12. You can still place large cannons on the top deck, just need to build a support set of walls+ceiling and a ramp up to it.
  13. Uh something caused all ships to suddenly hit the bottom of the bay and start sinking...please rollback!?
  14. Watching the above videos, are the bomb barrells clipping inside of the ship or is the explosion just lagged out? It's obvious he was not cheating there, but I'm wondering if that's intended use, I don't see any way to defend in that scenario unless you have people underwater constantly (which is obviously impossible).
  15. (not counting hackers obviously, since aimbot/esp/etc break the game) But right now after seeing several large attacks on our formerly smallish-company of 15 which has since merged into an alpha tribe with a lot more... 1) Flying in on Wingsuits is way too easy and near unstoppable. It's nothing to come in with a raft off the coast and climb high enough to wingsuit onto parked ships. It takes seconds and as far as I know NPC defenses can't target anything high in the air. Unless you have heavy defenses on your ship or you happen to be online and on it at the time, that's a sunk ship. 2) The graveyard zerg is really hard to stop. The only option we've found to stop it is to go absolutely nuts not allowing claims near our island and going crazy finding the hidden rafts and sloops they'll inevitably try instead. There needs to be a longer respawn timer if repeatedly dying in the same enemy territory or something. 3) Fire arrows are still a low-tech, easily massed produced item that is in many cases far more effective than the artillery/guns tree. Rather than nerfing them further, I'd say make them significantly harder to produce, barely anyone uses regular arrows these days because making flame arrows takes almost no effort. 4) There really needs to be a tool or method to tell where claims are being stolen. We get a brief warning on latitude/longitude and have to scratch our heads as to where. If we're lucky we can push H and see a yellow circle, but otherwise we're running all over the island trying to find this. Maybe make a (sorta expensive) consumable that lets you see territories being taken on a map for 30 minutes?
  16. Cool, thanks for the info. Any chance you have the numbers for the bar shot? Wondering if it's a little more or a lot more than a regular cannonshot if hitting a sail. And for TNT barrels, is there a timer set automatically or do you choose the time somehow?
  17. Coming from Ark I know the cheater's enforcement and penalties was kind of up to the personal discretion of whoever was dealing with it (at times I saw entire tribes wiped, once in aberration a GM simply erased a behemoth gate blocking a path and planted a sign saying not to do it again or there'd be higher consequences). Any chance we could get a work-in-progress list of offenses and punishments? I would assume hardcore cheating (aimbotting, esp and shooting through structures) would be a ban or at least lengthy suspension?
  18. Yeah that's liquid fire (which is indeed learned under the "greek fire" skill, WILDCARD PLEASE settle on one name for skills and put tooltips!), it's good against boarders, I'm not sure if that or grapeshot is better. If I had to guess it's probably intended to use both on defense, the liquid fire sets attackers on fire with the dot applied, and the grapeshot is a burst of conal aoe damage. The canister seemed like a small explosive round and did decent damage to wood, haven't tested against players yet.
  19. Not sure I favor simple "offline" protection but something like Midnight cst to 9am est protection would cover everyone decently well on NA for example, and a similar could be placed in the european and whatever other servers they eventually put up. The game's pvp fun is when you're actually PVPing against live crews in other boats and structures. Making most of the PVP into raiding offline groups is just sad.
  20. Sorry for the bad wording, it can't be placed on ships. I -think- ship wood is treated differently from wood structures but not sure. However at this point while I'm warming up to swivel guns as a great defense tool (we use a lot of them on our Brig against boarders, NPCs are fine to permanently man them behind windows)...their range makes them a very sketchy thing for offense. I guess as it now stands: OFFENSE ARTILLERY: Tier S-Mortar (kills everything dead, great range) Tier A-Suicide bombers with explosives and fire arrows in wingsuits (against docked ships in harbor) ... Tier C-Cannons ... Tier F-Everything else. The fact is that Range and ease of use (or lack) kills most of the others for offense. You might be able to do something with the "ramming the ship" plan and whatnot, but otherwise puckles and swivels are for defense. Having said that, swivels are GREAT for ship defense. You make a room of walls and ceilings with windows on your shipdeck, put a gun mount and swivel behind it in the room with an npc manning. Ammo chest inside the ship locked up. As long as you remember to pay the NPCs they will wipe out anyone who boards the ship in their line of fire. Puckles have a bit more range and might be ok for base defense I guess? But base defense should primarily be well placed mortars imo, although the mats for their ammo are crazy (the real reason pirates were after diamonds, emeralds and other gems? Because they're so explosive and such apparently).
  21. Confirmed Puckle gun doesn't work on ships Really wish they'd tooltip some of this stuff. Did try the canister shot out though for swivel gun, it seems promising. Did ~1500 damage to wood. Will try stone at first opportunity.
  22. Well I mean at this point there's been plenty of screenshots, videos etc of the Hunter O9 tribe alone in many different forum threads. Not sure why they couldn't just confirm for themselves (easy for an admin to make a bob and run along their island?) , and once confirmed just nuke the entire tribe out?
  23. 1) Some solution or at least a report button for all the Cheating/Hacks/Exploits. We were driven from O9 after building a big base because the local "Hunter" tribe is able to shoot people through walls and from further away than a mortar, and has the obvious ESP hacks as well. You can't fight that stuff, it just breaks the game. 2) Too many situations (starving, cold, etc) where the logical answer is asking a tribemate to kill you. Funny at first but this says some systems are overtuned and there isn't enough (any?) reason to avoid dying. 3) Server stability. Anytime a semi-large battle breaks out we get instant server 255 pings.
  24. NPCs aren't 100%, not even close. They're only more accurate than human players atm by a bit, and lag plays a role. And "Aimbotting" Npcs can't use guns as far as I know except swivels and other artillery things
  25. Same crap in O9 since week 1, we have people aimbotting, shooting into enclosed bases, etc. No action taken yet as far as we can tell. The Cheaters topic being completely absent for the weekly crunch is ominous
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