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  1. Hambo


    No, nothing has altered my system's end of things... I didn't change a thing other than to remove the access to the PTR in my beta configuration and let Atlas reload the non-PTR code. I don't know if I should've been able to log into the non-PTR client with the new code loaded but that didn't work until the old client reloaded. I was a bit miffed last night when I posted but re-installed this morning to find the issue I'm having seems to be solely with the new code. Thanks for offering suggestions, though. I too have over 30 years in IT, from SUN Unix admin in the mid 80's through Novell, IBM Lan Server and Windows Server in the 90s and 2000s.
  2. Hambo


    Yes. Yes I will. For one thing the current version of Windows I have loaded WILL be the release version at the beginning of next month. Also, after 2 hours of removing the PTR and re-installing the previous version I am able to log back into the game, albeit on the NA-PVP server since PVE was taken down last night, This may be merely a case of not being allowed onto the server because too many players were on at the time, I'll test that Monday if "PTR2" makes it up on time (not holding my breath) but if that was the case why was the error message telling me that BattlEye couldn't find it's ass with both hands tied behind it's back? Even Microsoft has sometimes resurrected bugs by accidentally linking older versions of code into a current build, but they generally have the problem fixed quickly.
  3. Hambo


    BattlEye rears it's ugly F#$%^ng head yet again! I bought Atlas EA in January fully understanding what "Early Access" entails, having been a nonpaid software tester since the 1990s for companies like Microsoft. As a result the total amount of time I've been actually able to load the game totals about 50 hours, ever since BattlEye was implemented. A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to log in and get some time in the game, up to and including this morning (April 5 2019). This evening I was as eager as many others to see the new test realm but alas it's not to be. Yes, I run Windows Insider 10 (20 years of software testing...). Yes, I know you "don't support" Windows Insider 10. Did you know that the build I'm running now is scheduled to be rolled out next month after maybe one more build to file off the indications that it's not officially released? I look forward to either one of two things in the next 3-4 weeks... Either this issue is fixed or you lose more customers and gain bad rep as more people upgrade to 19H1.
  4. Not to poke holes in your theory, but do you know anything about the middle East during the Renaissance, particularly around the Indian Ocean? There was piracy in so-called "Biblical Times".
  5. Hambo

    Server type after Wipe poll

    I voted PvE because I'm still learning the game... I want to know all of my options before being 'spawn camped' every time I try to log on as a noob. Once I know what I'm trying to do I will move into the PvP world, whichever wins out.
  6. Hambo

    LAN support needed.

    And you are misinterpreting "MMO" to mean "No Solo Players". MMO means a large number of players on-line. It doesn't force all those players to have anything to do with any of the rest.
  7. As far as I'm concerned if it wasn't for Early Access titles Steam would've gone bankrupt years ago. The only decent titles here pretty much started as EA, and everything else is glorified side-scrollers from the 80s or Candy Crush-like games from smartphones. Before Steam came along getting the opportunity to participate in the development process was primarily by invitation only. Caveat Emptor: Let the buyer beware. If you think that EA is going to give you the ability to play a game as envisioned 2 or more years before it has been written then maybe you would've been better off buying those magic beans.
  8. The basic issue for the solo player, even on PvE is the artificial level cap placed on players... You cannot even get XP at a Freeport once you hit Level 8 and there is no place to go so you can level further. Even if they created a higher level "Freeport" area with higher level ships you can gather materials to buy but also has higher level animals to deal with where NOBODY can place a claim then everyone would have an equal fooring to continue to level up.
  9. Hambo

    Tired of Asian players

    To quote Cary Ewles in "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" (Mel Brooks movie) "But unlike other Robin Hoods, I speak with a proper British accent!". Neither Errol Flynn nor Kevin Costner *Shudder* played a believable Robin Hood. Don't get me wrong... I didn't watch the multitude of British shows I've loved for 50 years because I thought "Dem peepul tawked funny" The only thing I really find humorous in a maybe not complimentary way would be watching people attempt to pronounce the names of some Welsh towns. The main point I was trying to make in my post was that I haven't experienced Asian griefing but have seen other groups doing stuff on video.
  10. Exactly my point... "EA" as the first phase IS an Alpha test. Until Steam came along the average player had no chance to get into a test program this early. In fact, I used to have to apply and be selected to be a Beta tester. The best Beta testers (based on bugs reported, and sometimes potential fixes) would be invited to new Alpha programs if the company had other projects coming up (I beta tested in Microsoft's program for 15 years, until it was replaced with the Insider Program, which I joined). In the 80s and 90s (up to about 2006 IIRC) Early Access was used exactly as I stated in my post above... The last phase, intended to whip up publicity. As time went on and the Companies started pre-selling products (usually on a deposit basis, not at full price), depositors who paid off the full price were allowed into Early Access.
  11. "EA" wasn't at all vague 20 years ago when it was exclusively available to professional game reviewers who were paid to describe their experiences the game magazines (dead tree blogs) just prior to public release. It often included the existing Beta Testers (already under NDA) to provide atmosphere and guidance to the reviewers, and the reviewers had to sign NDAs with substantial penalties for leaks. The difference with today's "EA" as made possible by Steam is there are no NDAs and it's the first step in the production cycle as opposed to the last.
  12. Hambo

    Tired of Asian players

    The only video "proof" I've seen of any hacks/cheats/abuse of broken mechanics involved a group with "British" accents. It's not just Asian groups. As an American who doesn't speak "The Queens English", the accents are not what I'm used to but I've watched enough British TV over at least 50 years that I even can understand 'Cockney Slang' to a small extent As far as text displaying properly, there is apparently an International font from Ark that many have ported into Atlas to see the actual text. This font should maybe be ported by the Devs into Atlas as the default but until then there are posts describing how to do it yourself.
  13. I don't give a Flying F about the NFL until they let Kaepernick play again, or he is set for life after he wins the lawsuit
  14. If you go back and (re?)watch the livestream they quite clearly say that the whole claims system was swamped the first day the servers wet on-line because of the unexpected number of players, and that it has already been decided to completely re-design the system and re-code it from the ground up. This may or may not result in new dry territory but at the very least I hope it includes a very limited number of claims per player, preferably at a skill point cost.
  15. Hambo

    DEV's Need to READ THIS NOW!

    They did. It's just on a different webpage. No useful info though, just account numbers. http://atlasdedicated.com/pc/banlist.txt