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  1. Possible workaround! I created my own company and was then able to open the map. Left company; game crashed again when opening map.
  2. I will also add that I took a PC with a fresh installation of operating system (and obviously different hardware configuration) and it crashes as well.
  3. Reinstalling is pointless...this is a server side problem. Can't even delete characters... sure would be nice if someone acknowledged this.
  4. Sure would be nice if devs would at least acknowledge if they're working on this or not...we don't even have the option to delete and create new characters thus making it impossible to play.
  5. This is a %100 reproducible crash making the game unplayable. Open Game Join server Open Map or Atlas tab Crash If dead... Open game Join server Crash This has been happening since 12/29 at around 1:30PM EST DxDiag.txt 12.31-13.40.11.crashstack Dump1127266608.dmp
  6. I've heard there's an exploit regarding one of the piracy skills. EIther way I've had this happen right in front of my eyes...the person kept using a skill causing them/their hands to glow pink and a sound effect plays...then stuff starts vanishing from multiple containers with different pin codes.
  7. I'll add this also effects the Atlas tab from the inventory menu. Definitely something related to the map.
  8. Having this problem too. Started yesterday after one of the server updates. After recent patch it's even worse...I'm not dead and don't need to respawn but I can't even log in; just crashes on the black screen.
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