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  1. Is it to late to get our money back from Steam? This will ruin PvE
  2. We had a Brig that got stuck between server lines for a day or so and was causing issues with us logging into any region. Lost some NPCs and such, but after one of the patches we were able to get the ship, sail it and docked it. It sat for awhile till yesterday. We brought out the ship to use it again and now it seems "bugged", I was just wondering if anyone else was having this issue? The issue is mainly with the cannons. The cannon doors will open sometimes, but not open other times. The NPCs will fire the cannons sometimes when we ask, but other times they won't. The dingy wouldn't drop/launch. it just seems like the boat is glitchy or bugged since the borderline crossing incident. Anyone else having these issues and if so did you have to replace the entire ship? Certain parts?
  3. Rask

    Cobra's clip through walls again

    Having this happen daily. Doesn't seem to happen to the stone walls I have, only the wood or thatch.
  4. Rask

    Enough, farewell, goodbye

    I think I'm saying goodbye as well. So many glitches and connection issues. It would be one thing to lose your stuff to something fun that is in game, but to lose everything or anything really to glitches or poor management is just frustrating.
  5. Rask

    Ship hang on between servers

    At least I'm not the only one having this issue. Not only did our Brig with a majority of our crafted items get stuck between the border of two servers. It also put me into a loop of connection errors. You would think that crossing from one server to another would have been something worked out before even Early Release of the game. You can see the ship just stuck at the server crossing, pinging back and forth between the two. Wouldn't that cause the servers on both sides lag? I've been enjoying this game for the most part, had alot of issues, but tried to have fun with it. Losing this ship and the constant errors, all the time put into it just to have it lost due to a glitch. Very frustrating. Just a warning the to rest of the community, don't work too hard on things cause you will likely not lose them to a Ship of the Damned or some other fun game aspect, no you will lose it to a server glitch.
  6. I had this issue a few patches back and after tonight, it was back for awhile. I am able to get back into the game now, but the ship we were on is stuck between between borders seemingly. Can't bed jump to the ship because every time I try it kicks me and states connection error due to traveling through servers. It first happened from B7 to B8, but after our captain bed hopped home she was finally able to use the wheel again. The server crossing from B8 to A8 we weren't as lucky. Its stuck again in limbo, can't even get on the ship. Maybe the B8 server lines are true Bermuda Triangle?
  7. I never had this problem till tonight after the newest patch. Sucks. Can't play the game now.
  8. Rask

    Connection failure.

    After the newest patch I crossed from A7 to A6 in NA PvE. I froze up and then went into connection failure. Now I cannot get back in at all.
  9. Rask

    taxation on pve is stupid

    It is stupid because there is nothing you can do to contest the tax or claim.
  10. Rask

    Raft glitch?

    I'll recheck the weight, broken items and/or busted raft. I don't think it was any of this, but you never know. Thank you for the suggestions.
  11. Rask

    Raft glitch?

    Yep. I've had it happen twice on two different rafts. Not sure what is causing it. I've sailed many other rafts without issue, just annoying when it does happen.
  12. Rask

    Raft glitch?

    Is there something going on randomly with rafts? You jump on your raft, but you can't move it no matter what you do? Sails fully open and in the wind, yet it doesn't budge? Anyone know a fix?
  13. Rask

    Dont Turn This Into Care Bear Island!!

    In my opinion, Ghost Ships should be a bit more rare. Feared, but more rare.
  14. Rask

    Dont Turn This Into Care Bear Island!!

    Well. We were doing a run and were attacked by close to 10 Ghost Ships. That was crazy. Now I see about 2-3 at a time. Which is still a bit much.