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  1. Tamed animals falloff Floors and ceilings and get useless.( it looks like the animal is swiming) U cant Ride or acces the inventory while ist Buged i hope for a fast fix
  2. Arrrrr anyone i have some Ideas and Bugs for the Upcomeing Patch First off all Pls fix the falloff from strukturs , its annyoing to Protect our Tamed friends while Plaay are offline some ppl have problemss whit spwans inside the enclosure. We build up one and have the problem whit falloffs. in our case the Floor are up to 4 Stone floors btw .... Next thing Give us pls the good old Fence Foundation back they was usefull. The cyclones iam nur sure if i should cry or laugh they are anyway to many lets them less spwan like 2 or 3 and buff there Dmg or give them a max range to spwan becurse u see nothing but the SoD can see u they dont get dmg and they will atk. u anyway. The Sextant Need a buff a Captin needs it only to locate hiss Postion once and set a curse i guess a better buff or base time will be helpfull The quality Skill points are to expansiv in my opinion Temed animals do the Same but they cost less Matrial and give u protection agaist another animals i have no idea waht is a good point but i thin 1.2.3 sounds better then 2,4,8! Add a Trade Shop building nobody trust anyone online improve the Trade thingy and add a kind of Trade house or something else And pls , pls fix ur Companies (Webside) Sort options its resset if i set only pve and change my sort options I hope anyone can read and understand it becurse my english isnt that well
  3. Mindvenom

    Bodies fall off floors

    Hey ho since the last Patch playerbodies fall off floors like Cliff and Ceilings, Tamed Animals also our animals stuck in Walls becurse this bug
  4. Mindvenom


    Hello Travelers I try to breed a bear the First time i dont watch about 10 min and it dies well Shit happens was my foult, Today we sstart a scound Try and i have to say This sysstem needs to get Buffed i sit here 2 hours alone and round out of meat becurse i have to Counter heal the Heat ..... I know that breeding ist that god @ the moment but Thiss ? its a joke anyreal Baby do less work ..... Devs its Posible to change this grow rate and Temp thingy whit the Patch today ? Sry for my bad english
  5. Pls add to the elevator the 2 menu Options "Lift to the Top " and " lower to Bottom " , its annoying as Fuck to stand ther and Pull the lift for any elevator track part ... I guess its easy to realize and helps a lot for players whit a Cliff Base
  6. Mindvenom

    Players killing players in PVE

    U can Kill play and ppl abuse it a support for a punsihmend will be great .... this community goes in bad ways more and more ...