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  1. If your group is like mine and doesn't want to be the resource "b#tches" for another mega... I would suggest trying unofficials... because in another 60 days that will be all that is left on the official servers and joining them will likely be boring. A bunch of the top ten regular mega's are already allied and none of them are really gunning for each other...they basically just all harass the small companies until they quit the game completely. it's a sad state of affairs really, at the end of it all, the game will have suffered from it by losing massive player count. My group didn't want to be part of that, plus we are older guys as well and we have played in the same group, under the same clan name, since the 90's. I don't know why people don't understand that.(IRL friends want to stick together...not join a bunch of ADD millenials that change their name every day) .02
  2. assuming you mean ship level max of 41? ..no idea.
  3. I sincerely don't know why people are still playing on officials....go to GamingOGS servers on unofficials...you will not regret it...we moved over a couple weeks back and it actually saved me from deleting this game...Don't get me wrong, we still get offlined occasionally, but increased gathering rates and taming rates make it so much easier to rebuild. In Na-PVP we struggled for weeks to get a single claim flag, grew it to 4 whole flags before some mega decided that they wanted the territory to grow turnips on or some BS. Now we own an entire island on a 5x10 map and could have more if we wanted....Seriously , before you give up the game, give the unofficials a try. To try the one my group plays on just type GOG in the search and make sure to join their discord...the admin are very active and there are a few rules you should make sure you know. -bas
  4. It does that if you have too many ships total in your company, I know that much
  5. what sectors do you run in? I could use an elephant. Could trade metal/gems/crystal/beets or possibly a few maps
  6. We have a small plot of land that is available to rent to a small company.(no more than 5). The land sits on a beautiful lagoon that is completely Ally controlled. It is built on currently, with some defenses and a small dock that the landlords may still use on occasion. All crafting stations and a basic taming pen is included. This area has served us well and will be a great place for a small company to get it's legs underneath it. We were given this spot as a starter island and we feel its time to do the same. Location: Temperate Zone ,Northern half of Map (more info given upon discord discussion) Defenses: Mortars / Large gates / enclosed Stone building Requirements: English Speaking / casual attitude / Ally will be required to keep our defenses from punishing you / Help where you can if we need defensive help Rent: Payments on a weekly basis 250 g/week or equivalent resources may be agreed upon for the time being until you get ships going. Concerns for new tenants: Mega Company not real far away but they have not bothered us much as of yet. Send PM to me if interested
  7. I like to think that most of us "get it" . the game is in Early Access, Things are going to happen and sometimes those things cost time and effort. That's all part of EA. Honestly, I have been baffled that you haven't had to do a complete wipe yet, it is so common in EA games that I just expected it to happen already. lol. Well keep working Folks, you are all doing as good as you can. Those of us that will still be around when this goes full retail release will stand behind ya...even if we've lost dozens of ships by then Until then, Consider using some staw polls to give everyone a chance to vote on what is most concerning ...give them three or four options of things that we(the community) would like to see addressed or looked into. Its a good way to get some community involvement.
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