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  1. For whatever reason some buildings are not taking any damage during Combat Phase... Here is a video clip -
  2. Segment beds that are based on Boats vs based on land. Call Beds on Boats "Racks" which already have hard limits based on level of boat. Leave Beds based on land as beds but have a company wide hard limit on the total amount of beds placed in the game world.
  3. The region of L2 has duplicate Discovery Points, Here is a full list of all discovery points and the STRIKETHRU are the ones that are duplicate and not found ingame. Snowy Isles Coatistable Ait Eroded Skerry The Mysterious Holm The Foot The Little Finger Hidden Wonder Hidden Wonder Scorpion Tail Scorpions Tail Pink Forest The Pink Forest The Narrow Pass Wrong Choice Old Bill Land
  4. Treasure Map need set group sizes with a cap, the more people at the opening of the chest past the cap, the less EXP gain from the opening. Depending on the quality of the map should determine the maximum group size.
  5. Hello fellow Pirates! I have updated my Islands and discovery points list on my fan wiki! Over 2900+ entries have been data mined and posted up with biome information. This will be updated more as time passes with detail information and images as I explore and chart the islands myself during my live stream sessions. Here is the link to the list Islands & Discovery Points Database Some additional notes, many of the sub-zone biome pages are placeholders to be filled in at a later time. If anyone wants to help out, fill free to comment on the sections on the specific pages on the website. Also taking feedback here, thanks alot for viewing and any comments!
  6. Need at least 5 second of character invulnerability during re-spawning to prevent dying from loading in with creatures / players camping the spawn bed.
  7. I am a 3rd party, I do not play on EU PVP, im on NA, only thing i can go by is what I see on the stream that was linked, after watching like 20 mins i didnt see anything that looked like hacking. What I did see was people not organized rushing in almost one by one trying to take out the bear guy and getting killed by it repeat. At one point the streamer had a good idea with oil jars but rushed in to fast to execute that plan. The dudes attacking were also high level, higher level then the defender people it seems, and they also appear to have done alot of crafting which makes a HUGE difference. I think if they grouped together and used the Oil jars against the Bear mount guys, things would of been different.
  8. try doing one of the workaround I posted up here; https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/32343-discovery-point-not-triggering-screenshot-included/&page=2#comment-244140
  9. If you use a spyglass, does it show you the SPHERE? The Glow Sphere ? If you do try one of the workarounds that I posted up here; https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/32343-discovery-point-not-triggering-screenshot-included/&page=2#comment-244140
  10. The Top half of the Grid Map doesnt include already discovered "Discovery Points" while the bottom does ... From the 1 line to 6 - the Map isnt including DPs that are not the island itsself From 7 to 15 - it includes both ( i believe, i just started working on the lower half dps)
  11. What is the game mechanic for destroying deep under water stone structures? I currently cant test out all the mechanics, so want to know if anyone knows what people are using to destroy stone in deep water.
  12. Thanks I didnt know that .. I never really used that weapon before!
  13. Made a small video clip of 2 workarounds that may help with locations that are bugged. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYHPPP7wvuM
  14. This is becoming extremely annoying to keep having this issue over and over again ... REGION O3 - Island Ropond Chain Statue isnt working, same deal as the other one, it seems to be a trend here with all these statues all not working correctly for some reason.
  15. Region L2, Island - The Mysterious Holm The Statue is not triggering correctly, even the knocked out trick doesnt work.
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