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  1. its shocking tbh their lack of support for people like us, who burn the torch for atlas. The lack of tools, information etc are very poor. I know its EA, but there are some pretty basic things they should be supplying us with - 1. several already built gridsconfigs, including the powerstones and all npc quests of date, supplied in 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 etc. 2. All config settings available, negating the need to google everything from non grapeshot sources. 3. A autoupdating tool They want us to host, as lets face it good unofficially ran dedicated servers keep games like this alive, it certainly has kept Ark going! And finally play your game, or at least employ people who do !
  2. or add it to your default ini and will will pass through to all servers without having to amend each one
  3. Hi CPS, I use TIghtVNC, it sets up a service, that allows you to let other people into the server. You have to open a port and set a user name and admin password, very easy to use. Google it, you should find it.
  4. Bumping as loads more info added and new settings / increased grid size.
  5. I know right, really how hard is it for grapeshot to supply us with this. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what they at a bare minimum should be doing, dont get me started on powerstones and npc quests....
  6. likewise sign me up for this, i am registered with your forum, along with my servers.
  7. Yayyrrghhh Land Lubbers !! Ex hosts of Ark are now running a 4 x 4 grid server (16 servers/zones all Atlas content), with more to come in time. We also have the powerstone enabled and correctly working /configured. The box we are using is a dedicated data centre server hosted in the UK. This server has a lot of juice with options to expand at a later date, if the maps become overcrowded. Rates are currently at x5, which makes things go along enough that it doesnt feel you are powering through the game. Slight buffs to carry weight on players, but not on boat. The way the grid works, top part of the map is pvp, bottom is pve, as there isnt any orp, the pve zones guarantee you cant have your stuff offline raided. Starting server is here - steam://connect/ Our website and discord are below including the interactive map, so you can see what we have available- https://www.warpspeedgaming.co.uk https://discord.gg/BNDeNP The maps See you in game ---- Styder
  8. Brilliant piece of work this, any chance we could have a packaged version on the git. I can get it to run as a solution, but it just seems to build as a dll so not sure how i would run this on the server itself? Many thanks for the work you are doing.
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