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    Captain's Log 36: Dev Livestream!

    Welcome Erik, I very much look forward to the Live stream tonight. I certainly hope the that previous major updates that included doing wipes will be a great example of how the "good will" of the player base gets significantly impacted, especially as there was no return on time investment for those that decided to remain loyal to the cause. You lost a vast amount of players during the last event.. can you survive another exodus? On a personal note. We invest many hundreds/thousands of hours building beautiful places to live, ships to sail, collecting wonderful gear and resources and capturing and breading powerful tames, ready for the next series of adventure and excitement and then.. bosh..... here, start again..... it's OK though, "we have introduced a new island" #ThumbsUp #GoGrapeshot And yes, I get the "in the interest of fairness" part, if wipes are necessary, you cant be seen to bias anyone just because they played a lot, however, there is only a certain amount of time people will put up with having their hard work thrown away and exiled to the depths our memories. Best of luck for tonight, I hope you have some great news for us Soliasis
  2. Soliasis

    Claiming ships

    Or perhaps a 3 stage process, After 14 day allow the ship to be boarded (including for PVE) and steering wheel to become destructible. The new company can then place their own steering wheel which then starts a 7 day claim counter. This gives the original owner a chance to return and reclaim his ship by replacing with a new wheel of his own. At the end of the next 7 days (21 days) it is then claimed by the new company or if not claimed a new radial option to scuttle ship which can then be salvaged After 3 days remove completely Either way, there should be a count down timer and a "About to expire" warning in the companies log. This would definitely encourage a new type of profession of travelling salvage crews
  3. Soliasis

    ship removed from company!!!

    Wow, I didn't know there was a timer. It would be really helpful to have a warning in the log about ships and structures about to get removed. I've just lost my Galleon today, i'm guessing it was this 3 week timer as I've not needed to take it out recently.
  4. Soliasis

    foundation blocked by water

    I've also started to get this issue on a certain area in the middle of my base cheat TP L10 192416 -65666 71 example of the tile that does not work This only occurs under water @Jatheish, Please can you advise if this is being looked at or even investigated
  5. Soliasis

    foundation blocked by water

    I've also started to get this issue on a certain area in the middle of my base cheat TP L10 192416 -65666 71 example of the tile that does not work on EU-PVE This only occurs under water
  6. Soliasis

    Vanishing Structure Pieces/Ceilings

    Location of missing tile . cheat TP L10 194913 -67039 144 It may be a coincidence however this tile went missing at the time when I demolished other structures near by at coordinates. cheat TP L10 198143 -63973 599 a couple of hours ago I have observed other tiles going missing around the same time as demolishing pieces
  7. This has got to be the 10th Kick and rollback we have had today. OK it only rolls back a few minutes but its getting rather frustrating to build anything and I dare not sail anywhere just in case. EU PVE - L10 Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  8. Soliasis

    bug Tames falling through floors and boats

    Thanks @Jatheish for the update. It's good to hear you guys are working on it and I appreciate you guys trying to do the best you can to fix things. At the weekend my company accidentally left 3 players in the middle of the ocean due to this bug . They lost all their high level gear as they were not online when we moved a boat. When they logged in they were just sitting there floating in the middle of the ocean, many sectors away from where we ended up in the boat, with no chance to send out a rescue party in time #facepalm. Two of these affected have decided to quit the game entirely now. That's not great for a small company like mine, but a tragic indication of the fragility of the games attraction and ability to hold its audience over time if such fundamental and basic functionality cannot be addressed quickly. Gear can be replaced and grinded out, but people cant. We all play games for fun, and when the fun stops, players will leave and have.
  9. I've recently changed companies however our ship didn't transfer and still says it belongs to our old company. Is there any way to claim this back?
  10. Same Issue EU PVE M9. was fine and happy 7 hours ago, get up this morning and cant get back in