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  1. [UPDATE - 01/03/2019] Due to improvements from the Atles dev team we now have space to create a 4x4 server. Since Atlas will release a huge update effecting many aspect of the game we will wipe the server today and work on a new map, ready for the March release. We will update again once the 4x4 is available. Once Atlas release the March update, we will once again wipe the server. Thanks https://atlasutopia.eu Server - EU Utopia
  2. [UPDATE - 17/02/2019] Added voting, server messages and killfeed plugins. Vote URLS https://atlasserverslist.com/server-eu-pvp-4x3-utopia.13260/vote https://ark-servers.net/server/167403/vote/ https://atlasserverlist.com/server/15111589#voting https://atlasutopia.eu Server - EU Utopia
  3. Any luck finding someone? I need a simple mod making too, anyone out there?
  4. [UPDATE - 08/02/2019] All players now have the option to convert Gold to Crown(CRW) The conversion will happen every Friday evening at 7PM GMT - Freoport North (First payout, 15th Feb.) Safely transport your Gold to Freoport North, find an admin and give them your Gold. The admin will convert the Gold amount to Crown at 100/1 basis (100 Gold = 1 CRW). First 10 players to signup receive 100 CRW each to their atlasutopia.eu wallet (Must verify in game). Once converted the admin will send the equivalent Crown to your account via atlasutopia.eu (you need an account to participate). You can use Crown to trade with other players for In game items or withdraw and sell on an exchange, it's your Crown once you earned it. We hope this add's another layer of fun to Utopia as we work on bigger ideas! https://atlasutopia.com Server - EU Utopia
  5. We're looking for mod developer to create our simple chest mod. Please contact me for more info
  6. #Update Added 3 more tiles, now 4x3! Server name changed to [EU][PVP][4x3][Crypto] Utopia [ServerSettings] NightTimeSpeedScale=5.000000 XPMultiplier=4.000000 TamingSpeedMultiplier=4.000000 HarvestAmountMultiplier=4.000000
  7. #Update Server migrated to "" Server name changed to "[EU][PVP][3x3][CRYPTO] Utopia"
  8. We decided to make a mod for the upcoming release. The mod is simple and will allow users to deposit gold in a chest which will be added up at the end of each week and converted to Crown(CRW) a Crypto Currency. Crown(CRW) will be deposited in your account via AtlasUtopia.eu The Gold > CRW ratio will be pegged at 1 Gold per 0.01 CRW (1 CRW = $0.10). More info coming soon. Official Release - 01/02/2019
  9. Registration now working, also with working Crown(CRW) wallet. Changed URL to "http://atlasutopia.eu", soon https. Email set to "admin@atlasutopia.eu" Edit - Fixed domain https://atlasutopia.eu
  10. Website registration is currently not working. Once working again we will update asap. Official release is 01/02/2019, please wait to register closer to that date. Thanks!
  11. I thought I would make a list of things to check if you are having issues with server setup. These are mostly issues I ran into myself setting up the "Utopia EU" server. - Use a dedicated server with enough spec to support your entire map and player count. If you require a much larger map, this is not for you. - Check ports match up with your "start.bat" which you use to launch your server. - In the start.bat, make sure you use a unique identifier for "AltSaveDirectoryName=" Eg "AltSaveDirectoryName=A1" "AltSaveDirectoryName=A2" "AltSaveDirectoryName=B1". - If your having red wall issues, try using different port numbers and test one by one. Make sure to add new ports to firewall and "start.bat". - Try to keep everything in order. - Check you have entered the correct IP everywhere you entered an IP (I made this mistake, once.). - Simplify your server startup by making one start.bat. Use "timeout /t 30" to space out the time between each tile boot. - Server may not boot due to missing audio files "X3DAudio1_7.dll" and "XAPOFX1_5.dll". Don't worry, just download them and place them in "C:\atlasserver\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64", fx. - Remember to start redis first. - You can clear the redis database using "C:\atlasserver\AtlasTools\RedisDatabase\clearall_127.0.0.1 - If you would like to restart your map and remove all char stats/buildings/claims, delete the contents of C:\atlasserver\ShooterGame\Saved - To become admin, enter this line into your start.bat "ServerAdminPassword=YOURPASSWORD?". - A list of admin commands "https://streamline-servers.com/billing/knowledgebase/4250/Atlas-Admin-Commands.html" Have your own suggestion? Leave a comment bellow and I will add to the list.
  12. [EU][PVP][4x3] Utopia Freoport IP - Currently testing 3x3 map, please be aware the server will be wiped before we go live. Keep upto date at our forum AtlasUtopia.eu Special events will be designed and implemented for release. These events will range from Crypto treasure hunts to PvP tournaments. We hope to bring you unique experiences that are lots of fun! Crypto Treasure Hunt You will sail the 9 seas in search for 4 numbers that will unlock a chest. Within the chest will be a map showing an amount of gold. Be the first to say the correct amount, show the map to an admin and you win a Crypto currency prize, which will be added to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu Gold for Crown(CRW) Collect ingame gold and store it in your personalised chest located at spawn. Once a week the gold will be removed and Crown(CRW - Digital Currency) will be credited to your account/wallet at AtlasUtopia.eu We will set a peg on IGG(InGameGold)>Crown(CRW) on release. The peg will change over time as the value of Crown is subject to the market. PvP Tournaments Coordinates will be given at set dates to locations of free high loot, to encourage engagements. Races Buoy obstacle courses, first past the post and first to retrieve items. High loot for winners. All using sloops All coming 01/02/2019!
  13. Thanks. I have dedi (1 Machine), with 9 .bat files to launch each tile. All info is correct. When I cross into another server, my char seems to die and forces me to respawn at freeport. Is there a port range to stick within for Port, Gameport, Seamless port?
  14. Update - I now have a dedicated server running Windows server 2012. I managed to make the red walls go away but now when I enter over the blue server line, it just hangs until I get kicked. Also cannot rejoin once this happens. Any ideas what could cause this? Again, firewall is off. I'm not 100% sure I can even run all tiles from one machine, or do tiles need to be on their own VM? Thanks
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