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  1. Its not chinese, you racist. Can't beleive people can be this stupid. Seriously, go read a book. ChemB is known for mass duping, undermeshing and aimbotting on ARK, so yeah, this is totally beleivable.
  2. Exactly, thank you! Those who play Official PVP would understand the fact that you basically spend all your time trying to hold on to your claimed area, constantly fighting over it day and night, there is just not enough time to do this. Basically 100% unnecessary for PVP servers. But we are forced to do this to increase our level cap. At least just remove the level cap increase and add it to the players directly.
  3. IDK and IDC about PVE or unofficial servers, i am in a 80 player tribe on official PVP and yeah its INSANE hard. Wanna know the reasons why? HYDRA: Preparation time : Takes hours Voyage Time : Takes hours (Not every region is close to the hydra spawn point). Killing time : 1-2 hours There will be a ton of sloops that will constantly ram your boat when u park it to go find and fight the hydra PVP: Yeah, you constantly get attacked in golden age ruins and also ships with a ton of cannons will often come to wipe you out. Now imagine doing this 9 times, provided the cave running goes as planned, unless you die and cant retreive your body coz 1000 fire lords are standing near it. Also not counting the fact the players live in different time zones, so yeah, gotta do it like 2-3 times for all the tribe members to get it. POWERSTONES (Since you cant just run naked now): Preparation time: Hours Voyage time: ALOT OF HOURS (We used to spawn in freeport, make a sloop and just head there naked, so yeah thanks for the update, now we need to prepare and come from our home base) Killing elite mythical creatures that are literaly in hundereds: Takes ALOT OF HOURS PVP: As stated with Hydra, same situation. Now imagine doing this 9 times, each time having to go farther and farther away from base, basically spending a ton of hours in just sailing. Official PVP Situation: If anyone here actually played Official PVP, you'd know that you basically have to fight and defend your land 24/7. You keep getting attacked day and night, so yeah, no time for this PVE stuff. Only reason i want to do this is because i got level capped and i need skill points, its either this or try going to each tribe's claimed land to discover land and basically spend days just doing that instead of defending your base. This just doesn't work on official PVP. @JatheishPlease revert this change.
  4. @Jatheish""Old "permanently unlocked" Power Stone Artifacts are removed (it was a bug that they were, some weeks ago, granted as a permanent character default item)"" How many times do you expect players to kill Hydra? Especially in bigger tribes where they have players from different timezones and this over the fact that ruins region has pvp enabled. How do you expect players to kill those insane monsters in the ruins island just to get to the cave? If they get near the cave and die and several monsters are camping the body, yeah RIP the artifact key. How many resources and hours do you expect players to waste over this? The fact that they're even doing this is mainly only for level cap increase and not for the useless taunts. I don't understand what the developers are thinking, please play the PVP servers first before you make these changes, this has always been the problem in ARK aswell, guess nothing was learned. I can probably make alot of valid points about this but i am sooooo annoyed right now (Please just play PVP server and see how hard it is), i tried to be as cordial as possible. PLEASE think this over and change it back and let those who already killed Hydra have the key permanently, maybe make it untradable or something but make it permanent. Or you can just increase the level cap and not force players to do this stuff, just let powerstones only give emotes.
  5. Simple Suggestion: Since bows have been made completely useless now, i do not wish to waste some points into the bow skills just to get access to firearms, can that please be changed?
  6. Hello, With all the racism that's going on in ATLAS, i would very much like to have the ability to report that person ingame directly instead of submitting a ticket. And also, an ignore list where you can ignore chosen players would help.
  7. Oh, it's working now, don't know what exactly happened but when i opened that link again, everything was visible. I am using google chrome.
  8. Hey, is this map no longer being updated? Would be nice to have an updated one, i follow this map quite often.
  9. This is all im able to see, all the toggle options seems to have dissapeared for me. https://imgur.com/a/t8wKpIX
  10. Hey man, how did you get the arm soo perfect? Based on the template given, my arm tattoo is either going in the front or the back, unable to place it on the side, can you upload the pnt or atleast show the picture of the file?
  11. Is it just me or do you prefer suicide over replenishing vitamins? Just curious. Because the ingredients required to make those advanced recipes are just super insane and even then they only replenish 2 vitamins and trying to consume the basic stuff such as milk/fish for vitamins is just tiring and time consuming, this is my opinion on the matter. What about you guys? Do you take the time to cook the food instead of just suicide?
  12. Hey, is it just me or is everyone unable to toggle the zones/biomes?
  13. Omg, how in the world do i free paint? it says highlight some window for freepaint and i have no friggin clue on what that is.
  14. Bee

    Tattoo cant load

    Still facing some issue, if i use too much color, im getting disconnected, please fix this.
  15. Yeah seriously, why nerf them against PVE like that? People who live alongside wolves and lions, guns are the only way to defend.
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