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  1. Nah I see it too. I am flying around the island I was on for a RP server and there is significant difference.
  2. Same. Both gone. 1 under construction Shipyard still there >.>
  3. On NA PVE, Grid J9 has a couple islands with their freeports inside of rocks. You can get to them cause you can't walk on the rock, you just fall through. It's just a weird glitch.
  4. I did have a couple crashes like this the time I tried to stream Ark before Atlas launched. I was told it was the RAM but I had 16 gb so I didn't think it was that. Plus it still does it on Low Memory Mode. Any idea when this might be fixed? I'm way too hyped about this game and I really want to do more then be a Resource gatherer for my company. Also, thanks for getting a response in. I know we've been jerks.
  5. Bumpity Bump still having issues?
  6. Still having this issue. I heard it was an issue for people with 8GB RAM but I have 16 so idk. The Low mem mode doesn't even work. I am loving the game but this bug is making the game unplayable. It's started happening more out of water as well. Was firing a cannon and it crashed me out.
  7. This happens on maps and in the waters. Tried turning down my graphics, tried validating. Keeps coming back, which then leads to the Dataloss bug and having to "remake."
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