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  1. Seem to work like in ark. You can only place them under waist level. I can put them cliff when I'm grappled but not using climbing pick. Can't seem to work on boat saddly =/
  2. Also, i'm pretty sure, when you contest an area of compayny say X. If people of company Y or Z walk in the flag is contested, reseting your 30 minutes timer for the claim so...
  3. I'm not dumb... You can't place flag if timer is still running... The timer is expired/not here and I can put the damn flag so it's not the case here. When there is a timer you can't physically place the flag, when there is no timer you can.
  4. Yes but no one is sleeping in the area... That's the problem, I checked every piece of land and sea, listening for someone sleeping, climbing every mountain and rock. And there is nobody. Unless they are under map or something...
  5. Just explain to me how you lose your land. I'm bored of finding innocuped territory with a flag, but no structure, no sleeping player. And when i tried to claim them, it's immediatly contested and I can't take it. And there is f***ing nobody in the zone. And for record, it one flag of one company et there is no other flag of them on the island...
  6. File checked, still not working. (and no file downloaded again)
  7. Call us dumbass please. We all know backspace is the usual key fr that. If so many people repport it, it's because last patch broke the ui.
  8. Oh okay, but I had the same on PVP server, but there is only one flag for this company so....
  9. In contrario, there is some flag with no 3 day protect, or expired, with no building or people sleeping. But when you want to claim them, they are immediatly contested. So it's impossible de claim just WTF. I scouted the whole perimeter listening for people sleeping but can't find anyone. So this flag claim stuff is bugged in the 2 way. You can't protect and sometime you can't claim so...
  10. Bug : Using respec, you loose the 3rd point per level when you are higher than 10. Before the update for 3 point when you where level 11 you had 20 points. Now you have 21, but if you respec you have only 20 again so... Never respec or you'll loose some skill point.
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