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  1. I prefer to keep separated from PvP crowd. There is still hope they will give us the NPC ships and NPC settlements to pillage, I heard its a thing on singleplayer
  2. New map is coming on Friday apparently https://www.playatlas.com/index.php?/atlas-news/news/get-ready-to-set-sail-on-the-maelstrom-r269/
  3. That is already possible with free per level respec. Rare bluprints might be something that has trade value along with scarce/regional resources and tames. I not aware of anyone who would trade generic stuff you can simply respec to craft
  4. I think its safe to assume they will be adding more content. Devs mentioned player trading ports are coming in near future... perhaps there will be more. One quest is already in game, who knows what else they have in store for us
  5. 2x harvesting and now they are decreasing ship costs ... bro they didnt give you a ship, they gave you whole fleet
  6. Not necessarily. They say its possible, but it will hardly be optimal. Its poor mans option, will surely take longer and with mess up efficiency Think of preferred veggies as kibble. When was the last time you tamed something with raw meat instead of kibble. Traders wont be able to charge 500 metal per wheat seed like I saw last night ... but thats a good thing
  7. Still happening? I sailed trough 6 zones last night and it didnt happen to me, thought it was fixed. Still not safe then
  8. its Ships of the Damned you see everywhere, no one has seen Ghost ship on official servers yet, its rather unique endgame encounter The ships of the Damned doesnt seem to do much harm lately either, they just sail in circles and seem fairly easy to avoid The claims are pain though, terrible for PvE especially
  9. Bump I just got raft sunk and been killed with repair hammers both within 5min
  10. 1. Killing players in PvE with repair hammer 2. Sinking rafts by standing on them overweighted or just throwing stuff at them 3. Buoy spam griefing which blocks resource spawn in huge radius and of course claim system which doesnt really work well in PvE Please?
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