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  1. Not really need the help anymore for this problem. 2 in-game days later and the boat was sunk. This sucks. 3 days of hard work for 5 minutes of fun before the bugs ruin the game..
  2. one of my boats went to the corner of the map. Afterwards one of the player reports that he couldn't log in anymore (he was on the raft). I saw the raft between 4 zones on my map and decided to fast travel to the bed. Now i only see water and can't do anything. My character seems to be stuck and i can't even make a new character on the EU PVE server. Please fix this!
  3. On the EU PVE server our Schooner is stuck after stopping in D5. We can't turn the ship or use our sails. We tried a lot of things to fix this like dismantling our dinghy and try to bump a raft into it. We just finished building it and wouldn't want 3 days of work gone to waste because of a bug.
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