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  1. Bump took me forever to find out, but yes it's +. Does anybody know why merchant ship isn't spawning? I added the route and just named each NPCtrader1 and NPCtrader2 like in the example .json files, but I flew along the path forever and could never locate the ship. Any help would be appreciated Also hold right click over each node to adjust angles just encase you didn't know that one
  2. 2x1 pvpve server with Dragons,cyclops, fire elementals, rock elementals, even hydra and more. https://discord.gg/2ewKA2 join our discord. claim flags turned of so building is free roam
  3. No worries I put an email out to instinct games and hopefully hear back more on their program. I'll post if I find anything
  4. Can anyone explain how to edit ship paths? I get P is to place them but where do I go from there? You probably added server only in the files. On nitrado only have to upload .json file and upload new map images just make sure you delete older images on there. Don't upload the server only one.
  5. Do you need to delete anything before hand or just simply overwrite old files?
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