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  1. ships decay slowly you need to repair them evryday if it is a big ship it will have planks that are almoste underwater if you dont check them and only the planks there are higher up.. then they will just slowly decay and will make the boat sink
  2. 100% agree with you Alphas dont have a place in this game (ATM) they need to be removed as soon as they can maybe they can put them back in later when they fixed evrything but for now its just stupid there are way to many problems to have those alphas in for now....
  3. same alphas ar not killable and if you manage to kill 1 you dont even gain EXP like ARK only more meat from them and they just glitch trou evrything they need to be removed from the game for now till evrything runs better
  4. so we lost all our tames this night.... seems the wolves are still glitching inside walls and killing all your tames when you are offline they where behinde big stone gates and our elephant even whas having his owne pen so the alpha wolf glitched trou 1 big gate to get to the first group of tames and then trou a other gate to the elephant and you guys say >> we fixed the wolf<< ???realy where??? they still glitch inside bases and kill tames / people and when you fight with them they jump like frogs and yesterday i got even launched into the air and almoste fall to my death and now i can spend hours replacing my tames just to find them dead tomorrow again?? fix those wolfs ASAP and there stupid instand respawning when you have 1 dead can spend hours and hours on this shit way of taming all for nofhing -.-"
  5. i dont think there is a timer on sleepers i get your point tho i realy do but i "think" there flag will decay if they stay off for to long and without there flag there base will decay and when they lost there base sleepers will be eaten by animals
  6. if he is sleeping he is allready offline sleepers count as some1 is contesting it flag protections is only for 3 days after that people can claim it so if you want sleepers to not count as "contested" means you also can lose your house after 3 days do you want some1 coming to youre house that you build for hours and hours and claim it?? no you also want that protection and we only can hope that the devs put there head out there ***** and fix this instead of other things like : Created new inherited AnimBP for Rabbit. Setup for shoulder mounting (Not yet enabled until ability is final) - Increased harvest amount of fur and milk from Sheep and Cow to incentivise taming and better compete with natural resource gathering amounts. - Changed Lighthouse HP to 25k, gave it stone structure settings, and allow it to burn oil - Added a new event cosmetic, 'Top Hat'. and more stuff like that those things where able to wait we need fixes for flags and people that are able to sink your ship in pve just to troll there are many exploits out there and jet we going to fix rabbits-.-" because we all complain that we cant have rabbits on or shoulders?? think not even 1 person tamed a rabbit,,, sorry for complaining but the devs need to fix things
  7. i always logoff in my base and we have 1 faundation houses in the shipyard with sleepers in to protect against claims
  8. thanks for letting me know! its kinda weird tho how it works i hope they will change this because its not a good system in my eyes you put hours and hours on working on your base and some1 can take it away in 30mins
  9. EU PVE but still no reply from devs and still no patch or something about flags in the upcoming patch nice to see how they screw the flag system up you can't claim from others they got timers but they can try to claim mine the hole time evry time me and my group go out sailing we can fast travel back because of them trying to claim ground (with or house on it)
  10. so my tribe mate told me some1 whas claiming or flag so we looked around and find them claiming or flag with or shipyard on itwe are building a shooner and they try to claim it.we contest it and won because a alpha horse killed the guy,but how can they put a claim flag on or land???they put a 3 day timer on it right?3 days offline then they can claim but we are online and walking the hole time from home to our shipwe only have 4 flags ( 2 on land 2 at sea for ship building) whats wrong here???devs???
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