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  1. lol and where ppl build then? more ppl in lawless than claim... look at the heatmap... most of ppl who complaint about foundation spread are ppl from claim... you have claim tax and 3 week yet you want more so greedy...
  2. lol wipe lawless.. where are the most player? ... wipe claimed land then... foundation spread and what about claim spread huh lawless 50 grid and claim 150+ more ppl in lawless than claim but yea all problem come from lawless
  3. NA/EU PVE not the same, most of ppl who have issue with claim are on eu, na have half the player than eu in pve, and not the same way of thinking and playing ect
  4. you say play ark and complain about the ressouce rate and taming..... there something wrong here... everything are a lot of faster than ark
  5. haseo


    since the release it can be destroy by anyone in lawless, plz fix it
  6. well for the map quality yea its random, after i feel i get more from toundra polar (less ppl, flat, less building) but its just my opinion and when you pick up and get nothing, its probably a bug, or take from tax idk, but its really annoying
  7. 921, so no im not lazy and i put effort at it, i dont want thing handed to me, i dont even loot the build i demolish, i m probably just unlucky since the 3 week patch i ve never be able to put any flag, and like i say i just want to put them to remove the taxe and grind to my heart content, even if i get land and build on it ,i will probably not put any taxe cause i dont like it,
  8. say the guys who are too lazy to grind himself you cant even admit that claim system dont belong to pve at least no at it is now you say we dont move our ass to get land, how you can know? how many playtime you have? how many island you discover? useless to speak with you, you re stuck on you re idea, thinking everyone lie or are to lazy to discover...
  9. 1 week its like that, someone in the ruin area make the whole grid bug, just ask ppl to leave this part of the island
  10. since 2 day in last patch seem they fix negative number, so now maybe you can but before was not possible, when flag was going to expire they was going into negative number with no way to put flag hmm no not fixed Oo
  11. lol 80 flag and 20% taxe so you re part of the ppl who kill the pve if i was living on you re island i would lost 180h gametime if you re a real pve player you know this is wrong btw i dont want land i just dont want to pay stupide tax
  12. yea so have to rent you re land for week.... and nothing say you re not going to change you re mind or destroy everything like almost all ppl in claim land...
  13. not gonna happen more ppl in lawless than claimed, remove decay on lawless maybe lost 50%+ of player database, if they fix claim flag problem solved... but 3 week and still nothing
  14. ok have respawn once and now seem to be back to normal after some update its take a very long time to respawn, metal nod 3h this time
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