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  1. Yeah i know i did it with the capped crafting bonus aswell But i got a new graphiccard so i can def record it next time and if you want we could try duo schooner challenge XD
  2. Im 100% sure it was V2 hosting kraken fights since second wipe on a weekly bases (except last 6 month )
  3. Not anymore but i havn´t received much dmg and had a full mythical ship and i never said i ignored all gallys But if you want me to, i can make another solo kill next season ^^
  4. When i did it i basicly had my Galleon skilled to 180% resistance and rest in dmg and think 10? levels in weight. Then i kinda used only 2 cannons for the Tentacles and activated all for the headphase. Also had 4 on the front and back which made it alot easier to do the tentacles while passing by. I had 4 handlingsails and 2 speedsails and a pretty normal setup on the galleon, nothing special tbh. For the solo brig run, i was forced to have 2 brigs from which i sailed one and the other just stood in the area so i can switch onto it when cannonballs ran out. Weirdly the second brig never got attacked while afking till i switched ships
  5. Ahoy landlubbers, we will be back on the new PVE Map For the start we gonna be a little less active as we used to be in regards of selling and breeding. You can find us on our discord: https://discord.gg/EYC7epU we hope to sail with you again soon^^
  6. After taking a rather long unusual break from Atlas, they managed to gain my curiosity again. I´ve spent about 3k hours in Atlas and am part of one of the biggest trading companys from the EU PVE server Fairytail. I just felt like writing a topic about what my wishes and expectations are for the comeback of Atlas. First of all some of the most annoying bugs ever which i´d like to see finally beeing fixed before adding new Content. Thos include the disappearing ceiling bug which destroys parts of your pretty buildings if you remove or add stuff. Second would be the all famous ladder bug, which is around still start of atlas. That bug does not allow you to climb up your ship ladders and keeps you stuck on them. Summoning the kraken is a pain in the f...... butt. We´ve been hosting weekly events to make the Kraken fight accessable for everyone but summoning the right version already is shit if you have ppl holding essences and powerstones, yet some evilish persons still like to jinx it and purposly summoning the wrong one to salvage ships that might sink. And last but not least the powerstone islands. I still remember 2million cyclops starring at us while getting close to the island and even stepping a foot on land would kill you. Sadly later on they removed so much of the spawns that you could walk naked around the island gathering parsley and take a nap on the beach to wait for it to respawn. With the new map layout and having all the Golden age ruins that close together, there should be a major increase in difficulty to obtain powerstones. That´s my take on what i´d like to see in the upcoming season before new content will be added to the game. Also dear grapeshot, we do not consider new atlantean skins content
  7. zottel

    New World Map!

    Rly curious if we get a mixed PvPvE server next month or if it stays with PvP and PVE seperate. Would still be nice to have some more information regarding server´s and other big changings. But the most important question, HAVE THEY FIXED DISAPPEARING CEILING BUG??
  8. Heard a new map is coming out next month ?
  9. Would Not net on it, the Post is almost a Year Old.
  10. Das ist ne Sache die nur am Anfang nervt, nachher sind die Dinger genauso gefährlich wie nen floss also nicht den Kopf hängen lassen
  11. Dont forget our Christmas events with 25% off all tames Hope You had some Nice Christmas days everyone. We are rly looking forward to lots of New Adventures in the next Year Folks
  12. They actually max out at 226% durability sadly im on EU so cant help you with that, but might be a bit easier to find one now you know the exact number
  13. Ahoy Pirates Till the 6th of january we offer a 25% discount on all tames listed in our Discord. We wish you and your familys a wonderfull christmas time and looking forward to see you all again in Atlas after the holidays
  14. I always go 180% resistance, 5 Level Into Crew And the Rest is dmg. The Turning effectivness works btw
  15. Thats why u Wrote you can also Pay with resources.
  16. Bows And xbow should work again too now Getting a crab is kinda easy, buy One from a trader ( good crabs are only about 5-10k Gold ) also 90% of the trader accept resources aswell. Tame Yourself One using the Diving attachment or join One of the weekly Kraken fights to unlock the submarine.
  17. Crabs are awesome as they have good dmg And can get where bears cant, but they take more dmg than an imprinted bear would take And if you are unlucky it can happen that an AOD is under you where u cant Hit them or even worse makes your crab hover And you cant do anything about it.
  18. As kumba already mentioned you are still in the process of learning the Game And its mechanics. Later on you can tame hundreds of tames at One Weekend Without problems. @George CatcherSigns gladly Dont block resource spawns .
  19. @RyuujinZERO Knowledge if the old ones is definitly a must have. Also learned the sword tree completly, because the circular sword attack is rly Strong. For the Charakter itself i skilled Into HP to 301 ( thought cap was 300 ) And into Staminq to about 180. rejuvinate And equilibrium are also buffing your melee Attacks. Didnt had the Chance to use Grog tho Till now. Also Grog doesnt Buff your tames anymore sadly.
  20. Cant rly Tell as we gather alot in different regions,so not sure where we found that one. But it seems that Islands with alot of 0.5 bottles spawn a good Amount of high Quality ones After they respawn
  21. If your corpse is under the ground Hit with an axe or Animal at the Point where your Body should be. Then your item Cache appears And you can live a happy life with your coconuts
  22. Last Season. One Company found One And shortly After they found a Second. After alot of map hunting our Company found One too. If You Play since Day 1 you might know the int gear, where a rly good piece was about 60%int when fully Upgraded. The gear that dropped from one of those Maps had a max of x74% int,just to get a Rough idea how BPs can scale. Funny thing tho, the tannery Didnt have enough Space to fully upgrade it tho XD
  23. I know for sure that legendary maps exist but so far only boosted ones for golden age Server. Wonder if mythicals exist tho
  24. Its not like you need to work for them to actually do what you Want. People summon V2 Kraken on purpose when ppl are not all in, in Order to let ships be stuck the border to loot them or blocking off whole lawless Islands just for them.
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