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  1. Basicly everyone who gives Feedback or reports Bugs works with the devs. Idm them getting pally with others as Long as it Dont benefit them or Give them an advantage in Game.
  2. Seems like History Books are incorrect about how murica was found
  3. Doing some Testing inbetween And so far i've been able to solo AotD up to Level 85 with sword And shield
  4. Nah They remove bases And Give us tents
  5. Had some AOD spawn randomly on lawless Without Doing a map And there are quite a few posts about those random AOD spawns.
  6. They atleast increased the meat stacks to 50 but as someone who played since Day One And had alot of Patience And also understand the developers Point of view, i must say even tho they told us it will get quiet for some time cant sweettalk the Communication issue anymore
  7. Might add that "only" 10 More Level adds up to 40% more dmg or 80% resistance which is alot for PVE And even more on PvP
  8. You Want a shipyard that has 226% durability on it After the craft.
  9. Dollie usually Takes some Servers offline on her holidays to steal some ceilings
  10. Usually they should be claimable After 8 days, sometimes you cant when they are on a ship for example
  11. Youre welcome ^^ seeya in the Ice Cave then
  12. There are so many Pros And cons for those structure Timers if you Start to think of it. Billboards are ugly and are used too much for taming. 90% of all lawless Islands Are Filled with traps And billboards And those one way ships.
  13. There will be More Performance patches in the Future. Right now it seems more like the performance goes worse sadly. They already halfed the structure Limit And capped tames at 300 which Used to be 1600.
  14. Saturday at 3pm UK theres a V2 run in B1. Sure there will be more V1 too soon
  15. The saddles had Armor at some stage. I still miss the lantern BPs.
  16. There is no real solution to satisfy both sides. But its not a stupid design, its more that there are 1-2 assholes there who like Spamming structures or demolish all they can find
  17. It only contests if it is within your radius And Not the Island owners flag. I understand the System very well as we just claimed an Island yesterday. The flag still had 100k berries and 10k Gold in it, aswell as. NPCs in the flag radius
  18. But then it is Other Players that interrupt the claim And Not the NPCs. Just Need them to go out the Radius Which Most ppl do if asked unless they Want to claim the Island too.
  19. Place your flag somewhere Else where no NPCs are. You Dont Need to Place your flag into the radius if the current one.
  20. Dont ask me about the exact math about, but i can Tell that You Need a 226% shipyard for max Level ships.
  21. Mythical x6 materials^^ depending on the blueprint you get more dmg in a bow And higher durability. For shipyards You need high durability. If you get a shipyard to 226% durability it increases the max Level a ship can reach from 42 to 52
  22. More crew available for repaired the faster youre done. Still Not worth leveling Into Crew for that reason as you just can unseat a bunch And Seat them again when you continue sailing.
  23. We are now selling max Level Shipyards,which will allow your ships to reach Level 52 instead of 42. A finished built shipyard will cost you only 40k Gold. Please note that for this offer we only accept gold and that the number of shipyards is strongly limited.
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