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  1. Have you tried using a VPN yet?
  2. zottel

    Landowner being blocked in

    Submit a ticket or Write them in discord. Usually they Act within 48 hours if they see that it is a problem
  3. zottel

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    Yeah bears in Terrain suck XD even small rocks make you stop. Render distance on ships really is too small, i wouldnt mind it beeing atleast higher when in the Crows Nest. Stasis is just stuipid And if you Dont Farm like 2 Million extra meat And the base is in stasis everything dies.
  4. Those are my Personal Most hated things i'd like to See changed this year. 1. the disappearing ceiling bug - this one feels like death watching over your shoulder everytime you build something Big. 2.the ladder bug - Nothing more annoying than claiming high Level Crew And get stuck on a ladder while watching your crew get eaten by sharks while thinking if you should just Stay on the ladder to Dont Share the same Fate. 3. the anchoring - guess Most if Not all had this beautiful bug. You get close to an Island And back up your gally for 3000 hours just to notice that even tho your backplanks got destroyed by a Sandbank And there isnt even Space for a Karl lagerfeld Model between your ship And the Island,yet you cant anchor. 4. fast travelling - guess this happens atleast once a day. You wanna do one Last thing before FT to imprint your tames or Doing a map And then you get 2 Million greenscreens before you are able to get to your destination while thinking that sailing there might have been faster in the First Place. 5. the Kraken - while this might be something personal After Hosting it twice a week for over 7 month now, there is Nothing More Time consuming than waiting for some Trolls to finish their kraken just to Hope You summon the right kraken Without having half of ships beeing Stuck in the wall or locked out.
  5. zottel

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    Yeah thats how its done right now, which is Super annoying
  6. zottel


    Inside, They Look like beer Barrels Basicly
  7. zottel


    Waiting for decoration too. Came to like explosive Barrels as deco ^^
  8. zottel

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    If you wanna do it that way, But carts Dont work on ships so you And how many bears should i take unload 150k Wood? And this Thread is about unloading ships, as we all know how to unload them.
  9. zottel

    Top 5 things i like to Change

    Offloading ships is a pain as it is even with the encumbered perk. Having some sort of crane or use the ballistas harpoons as zipline for Cargo racks would be cool. Or just beeing able to pull racks onto Land close to its destination.
  10. zottel

    Songs you listen to as you sail?

    Pirates for Sail And jolly Rogers Most of the Time rly cool to keep the pirate feeling And of course the Black flag Shantys
  11. This is insane guys, we are sold out at One Weekend! But Dont you fear,we will Upload a ton of new tames in the upcoming days. Also a Big thanks to all patient captains who stayed for the Kraken this friday. We had alot of fun And also really Nice Chats with the Xbox Community aswell
  12. zottel

    pve The Flying Salesman

    Yeah kaycee mentioned that. But we sell good tames instead And its Nice for all the Xbox Players Who havn't found their way to discord yet
  13. Thats the only reason i know it has ironwood XD was forced to ask everytime before the wipe where it was having that island makes reminding it easier for sure^^
  14. zottel

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    I suggest you re read your own posts. You are the one Who isnt able to discuss a topic properly and flights himself behind personal Attacks , rather than using facts as foundation for discussions. For someone who doesnt Care about other opinions you are backfiring alot. But as someone who really has better Things to do i wont reply to Any more insults you throw at me, so feel free continue Talking with Yourself.
  15. zottel

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    OMG we were sold a new game that was an actual DLC for 20$ . I feel deeply betrayed of my 30 minutes work i did to purchase this game And i only Spent 2000 hours in.
  16. They Promised no further wipes but i would expect One when the Game leaves early Access, which is scheduled end of 2020
  17. zottel

    Galleon stats?

    So im going to Release my galleon today, but im Not sure how to Level it properly. Its a normal broadside galleon. Is it worth leveling into sinking rate at all? And how good is the new Résistance And dmg Stat? Also should i Level a but into wheight?
  18. zottel

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    I always Look Into Forums of Games i dislike while having Fun in Other games just to Post something no One cares about And then telling People how much fun i have. Last Time i visited the Chess Lessons in School And told them how Great atlas is And that i Dont have time to Stay because im busy playing atlas.
  19. zottel

    Salted Meat/Fish Nutritional Info?

    The Buff you get is way too good to Not use it 10% more movementspeed , Staminq And healthreg And also +30 fortitude.
  20. B8 on EU PVE. Been farming for 8 hours straight today And ended up with 40/60 slots Filled in the feeding trough. I am Aware Stack sizes have been increased etc, but im Getting about 35 meat per elephant with a pick And full habdharvest skilled. Tigers And bears getting the Same Amount . I Used to Farm for 30 baby Tigers alone but now i can barely keep 5 alive.
  21. zottel

    Cobras OP

    Did you use a Food larder or the actual Silo? The berries Dont spoil in Silos, means your crew ate them. If you havn't Fed the Crew for a while And then put berries inside they eat like Crazy Till they are full again. But only a few swivel gunner wont eat that much. We had about 500 NPC Crew And they ate about 8k berries per Day. You can also plant potatoes And put then in a larder next to the gunners. If you have a pen that hold your tames Set them on passiv,as they run around if a snakes Hits anything you build when on neutral.
  22. zottel

    "ATLAS IS NOT AN ARK DLC!"...yeah right

    Guess 99% of the Players Dont even Care about the fact wether it was planned/started as DLC or not. Its a standalone now And People enjoy it.
  23. zottel

    No warning??

    The Patch with imprinting was last Weekend. Also they did announced that the NA Servers are going down for maintanence. The Warning was there from atleast friday ob Forums And on discord.
  24. zottel

    Gunports VS no gunports

    If they use planks it may be a Cargo ship And depending on what BPs you find you may only have good plank BPs . But apart from that And Maybe style reasons there is no benefit of only using planks.
  25. zottel

    Xbox FaQ

    Hello Xbox Players and welcome to the Atlas, i am Zottel from the Company Fairy Tail on EU PVE and i will try to answer some frequently asked questions about Atlas, and will also respond if you have other questions. - How to get Gold? There are many way to earn Gold but i will list the most common ones for you. - Shipwrecks: You can find procederly generated Shipwreck which contain gold and food etc. I recommend using a Diving Platform on your Ship to loot these. - Whaling: While PETA wont like this method,it is still an easy way to kill the monstrous Sperm and Bluewhale in order to get some Gold. The easiest way would be using a Schooner with 3 Ballistas on the back manned by NPC crew. -Treasure Maps: Treasure maps are awesome and bring loads of Gold,but you first need to find those glowing bottles on shores and beaches. As the common ones are quite easy i´d recommend doing those at the start,while Journyman and higher require you to have atleast a good tame you shouldn´t try those without atleast a decent Bear. Where do i build? This question will define how and where to settle and should be choosen wisely and considering what suits your playstyle at most. Own an Island: Sure owning an Island sounds great, but you need to pay an upkeep every 12 Hours and if not payed you will lose your island. While you can generate Taxes from Tennants and also stretch the payment period up to every 19 Hours, Tennants are a good start and will help you alot if you both Co-exist. Be aware of the fact that the 20% Tax are additive and your Tennant will still get 100% of what he farms, while you get additional 20% into your Flag/TaxBank. You can demolish stuff build on your Island within 24 Hours,after that you need to wait about 30 days till the decay timer destroys it. Lawless islands: As the name suggest, there are no existing laws. It has a rather fast spawning resources but you will also need to deal with neighboors and if unlucky end in a Foundation spam War,as this will be the only way to secure Land there. Living as a Settler: If you dont mind living for free on someone elses island,this will be your choice. Be aware of the Fact that the Landlord still can demolish your structures within 24 Hours after beeing build. But if you communicate with the Landlord you will most likely find a nice place and friendly people to get started with. Tames: To Tame a creature you will first need to learn taming ( Tier1 Tier 2 Tier3 ) to tame the creature of your choice. First prepare some Bolas and bow and Arrows, then find the creature to tame and dmg it till ~20% HP and you are able to use the Bola on it. Now feed them their preferred food till the Bola runs out and you need to dmg it again. i would recommend to wear Plate Armor and use a taming pen,as those will make the whole process alot easier. Seeds?: In Atlas you can get many different kinds of Veggies which you need to tame Creatures or for cooking some delicious pirate food. You will find those seeds by collecting the "wild" version of it and need to plant them with some poop in a crop plot. Be aware of the fact that it needs to be watered, fertilized and be in the right biome as you cant grow all Crops in all regions. How to sell or buy stuff: Most Blueprints item,etc. will be sold via a Discord server. But you will also be able to set up or find Playershops on Islands where you can buy or sell your goods. Ships and level: The level of ships is defined by the quality/ durability of the shipyard you use for the shipsceleton. For common shipyards the max. level of a ship is 42. If you do treasure maps and find better shipyards with high durability you can raise the max. level up to 52. From 100 ~120% durability your ship will still be max. level 42, but every full 10% more durability will bring you one more level to your max. level ships. Max level of tames: The max. wild level of tames is 30. If you dont loose any taming affinity and use the prefered food you can get them up to level 44 after taming. Bred tames can have a way higher level at birth if the stats are combined and im not sure where the limit is, but the highest we had was 120 after birth. The max. Level a tame can reach is defined by its wild level ( level after its been tamed ) x2 +30. A perfect tame ( level 44) will be able to reach level 118 that way If you have any further questions feel free to join our Discord: https://discord.gg/EYC7epU or write in the comments and i try to answer your questions as soon as possbile