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  1. Welcome to our EU PVE harbor pirates. Arrrrr
  2. Ah I forgot. Please implement from Ark t.maxfps Useful for Freesnyc-Users. Much thanks.
  3. Hello pirates, hello devs. After 69 hours of playing Atlas on the EU PVE Server (Sirens Call), I think it's time to write some lines, primarily for the devs • Ship of the damned Spawnrate too high and they ship ship too close to each other and playerships. Ideas: - Should only target and attack large Ships - Attack medium ships only if they're armed. but with smaller aggro-range and/or less speed. - Attack unarmed medium ships (or small ones) only, if the player/ship will attack them. (Idea: if the Boat is heavily damaged but not sinking, they will stop attacking) • Claims At this time, I have no idea how to handle this thing in PVE fair. But you have to do some work with the claims, because the whole world is already claimed There are many isles with very few buildings, but the whole island is claimed, so no one can build. Some thoughts for PVE: Set one claiming-flag per player per 5 hours. Claims without at least 5 components (buildingparts), should declaim after 6 hours, with more after 12 hours, over 20 components after 4 days, and so on... But these components should be a combination from parts, if not, the isles will be full of foundations • Miscellaneous - We need the option to drag sleeping players, whatever he's in our tribe or not. - In Freeport, for beginners (say Level <5), I think dead bodys should stay for 5 minutes will be a good idea, so they have the chance to get back their inventory. - Players should spawn with a piece of driftwood (should despawn in 30 minutes), to prevent drowning ( if they spawn in the open water, far away from an island.) - The last player of a company (the owner) should get all buildings after leaving the company, or joining a new company. - Option to merge companys. - More settings to configure rights of alliances (Buildings, Locks, Tames etc.) - Railings should be cheaper as a wall - Repawn-at-bed-option with a big cooldown and warmup for stuck players. - A new Skill: Pressing "H" will highlite broken planks and other structures on a ship (Color green to red). Or activating the skill will show the colors for some time, with cooldown. Thanks for your notice. Game on
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