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  1. Is it possible to define in the server settings files to allow an ally to build a bed on my ship? There is a group we like to play with and I would like to allow them to build a bed on my galleon so we can all go in one ship when doing treasure maps or messing around.
  2. that was across all my nodes. but what you will find is payer number increases resource usage fairly linearly. I See about 1-2% increase for every 10 players in my case. With a higher clock speed it may not be as much of an issue.
  3. I run a Dell R820 with dual socket 8-core Intel Xeon 2.2GHz (total of 16 cores/32 threads) with 256GB of ram. With 55+ players last night I was hitting 90%+ utilization of CPU resources and 50-60% memory. I have a grid or two crash occasionally but the players seem to really like the server and inter-grid travel is generally pretty quick. But my 5x5 has every single island available on the map along with some duplicates. I brought in another server today to spread the load a little by moving grids over to it and leave room for expansion.
  4. with 128GB of RAM? you couldn't even push 5x5. you need more memory as that would be your bottleneck. I run 5x5 and sometimes top 60% utilization on 256GB of memory.
  5. did you copy the images from your exported files to your .\ShooterGame\ServerGrid folder?
  6. Dell R820 server dedicated only to Atlas server for our M3RC community. CPU(s): dual socket Intel Xeon E5-4620 @ 2.2GHz (averaging about 86% CPU utilization under user load) RAM: 256GB ECC 10600R memory (Consumes about 120GB of memory) Disks: RAID 5 array on SAS backplane across 8 15k 300GB SAS disks, OS is on different RAID group Current users: about 25 atm, grows to about 40ish+ at night Grid Size: 5x5 Approx Number of Islands: At least one of each, duplicates of some. Bandwidth usage up/down: I've seen spikes of about 5Mbps up. but it probably averages around 2.5Mbps regular usage up. I see about the same on the down side. This is stressful for this system to the point that I will probably move a column over to another physical server to lighten the load on this main box. I hope to add some more grids later with the addition of another physical server to grow our community. We just recently started using the CrossArkChat and have the server grids all cross-communicating with Discord integration. Good stuff.
  7. Whatever. It fixed it for me and multiple people on the support discord agreed I should remove those URLs. What also fixed it for one of the guys making the guides was the fact that he had a slightly older version of the grid editor and getting the new version and re-exporting the maps/json files fixed the problem.
  8. Remove those URLs completely. No need to host them. Also, make sure your maps/json files have been exported with the latest version of the map editor. Under the shootergame folder all your JPGs should be in .\Shootergame\ServerGrid\ those two values in your JSON file should be: "MetaWorldURL": "" "MapImageURL": "" I've been running a 5x5 with this configuration and treasure maps work perfectly. Adding the URLs are what breaks it.
  9. We are having issues with characters dying as soon as we attempt to transition from one grid/server to the next. When we load into the next server we are dead. I've tried it repeatedly and have the same result with all grids bordering our starter zone. Where can I look to get more information regarding the root cause of this? Anyone seen this before and know a workaround/fix or what I may have screwed up to cause this behavior?
  10. The way I understand it is that the files are already in JPG format, but just have a misnamed file extension. changing the extension from PNG to JPG corrects the issue.