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  1. I tried to reconnect and when I wanted to join the server the server wanted me to create a new character even though my players can still see my character ingame. for me i was on J11 but now it says im on F4
  2. Players like Slick Daddy Club are the really bad guys ... if that bug is using them or not it's a bit of a hiccup ... but the players of "Slick Daddy Club" are bugging from below into ships around them to destroy inside! sry bad english
  3. btw. "Nedomkull" ist Ingame Mitglied von Shinra und die verwenden solche Tower selbst!! Und die Heulen nur weil sie dennoch verloren haben. btw. "Nedomkull" is Ingame member of Shinra and they use such tower themselves !! And the crying just because they have lost anyway.
  4. Offlineraider crying. You are realy Funny
  5. Zyrano

    Server E14 EU PvP

    40 Player == Ping 150 100 Player == Ping 250 PLS Fix this... Nitrado normaly use XEON CPU´s plss dont use this... they are to slow for game hosting! In Conan we have the same Problem... now we use a Dedicated Server from OVH.de and now its better... i think its the same more power per cpu make it a little bit better...
  6. Hallo, wir die Brotherhood suchen noch aktive Verstärkung für unsere Reihen. Wenn du folgende Kriterien erfüllst kannst dich gerne bei mir im Discord melden! - Du bist nicht Farmfaul! - Du verstehst Spaß! - Hast aber in nötigen Situationen die nötige Ernsthaftigkeit(verlieren macht kein Spaß ) - Du bist Volljährig!!!!!!! - Siehst es auch als normal an beim Spielen im Voice zu sein! Wenn du diese Kriterien oben erfüllst adde mich gern in Discord Zyrano#8865 Mfg Zyrano
  7. Zyrano

    [Bug Report] Zoning bug - Server Crash

    Yes pls Fix this! This is a Main Feature of the Game... without the traveling we are realy playing ark with a ocean map!! sry for my bad english!
  8. yes build stone but i think the same... fire arrows are op! Especially vs Players!
  9. Not enough!!! Fire Arrows Op and META! Pls nerf them again vs Player! yesterday i got one shot kill...