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    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    Confirmed too, for EU PVE, M12
  2. Flatze

    Crew Cost Calculator

    I have made a Crew Cost Calculator. Grey cell can you edit without problems. If you missing features, you feel free to write me Here you can download it for Excel: and here for Libre Office -------------------------------------------------------- 25th January 2019 Adding 5 more types.
  3. Steam APP ID for dedicated server is 1006030. Just downloading via SteamCMD.
  4. Flatze

    invisible Ships

    You are really funny , it was only a test because one person had me say that when you shipping into a lawless region, that you ship will destroy.
  5. Flatze

    invisible Ships

    When i change the server with a ship, the ship is invisible, only i can see the ladder. And the Bed brokes after cross the server. Testing for corssing M9 to M10. I hope it will fixed soon.