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  1. Really funny how this is still a early access game even though it seems like you killed your whole player base already... Came back to try it again and now I'm seeing you won't be able to do the quests on PvP? what the heck is that about.
  2. Well i bought Sea Of Thieves... Im done with this game... Whole point of this game was to sail and have fun... and the game doesnt allow that anymore
  3. No tamed wolves were worse... Because their only a tier 2 tame they shouldn't be able to do what they were doing... My company was being raided by 100+ people... One of my company members sent his pack of tamed in... And killed the majority of the raiders... With 10 freaking tamed wolves... Saved the day but was stupid OP
  4. Your kidding right? A pack of glitchy murder mutts getting nerfed to reality are pvp's fault... Not that a fully armored high level human with like 6 guns and swords should be unable to fight a lone wolf let alone 9 of them... I was so tired of it... I'm fighting alpha mobs grinding xp like it's nothing until a single wolf aggros from 39 miles away and kills me...it being level 2... While I'm easily killing without fire a higher tier tiger that's alpha and level 222!
  5. Luckily a company member was able to drive my boat back to A8 and I could log back in once my body was put back in zone server thought i was in.....its a bug but im no longer stuck
  6. Shortly after the recent patch i was traveling from A8 to A7 zone on my boat that im solo driving... when I hit the zone wall the game took unusually long time to zone, and then kicked me offline.. Character login says A8, but company mates see the boat in A7 and my body is in A7.. Ive been trying for a hour and half to login, constantly disconnect crashes, Ive tried atleast 12 times spaced out every 10 minutes. Assuming game thinks im in the wrong zone? NA Kraken PvP
  7. Atlas is based off of the parent company that made Ark, they won't nap wipe because they learned what happens if you plan on doing it.. everyone on Ark went apeshit when it was announced and the only thing that was wiped... Was the items, not the map
  8. Lmao yeah I made a attempt to use a dive suit for a deep dive(cause diving attachment sounded like cool thing always wanted to go diving but I cannot irl).. I got halfway down with Max swim speed.. it turns into a feeding frenzy of all kinds of evils... Gave up on my 4th try in different areas
  9. I am personally all for big naval battles and a big group having a ball doing big things.. However these 500 person mega clans? That's pretty ridiculous... On NA PvP it's gotten to the point there are mega clans, and then they have sub clans to exceed 500.. the server cannot handle these crowds so the minute a big fight breaks out the zone locks one side mostly out and the winner is who ends up with the most allowed in area... The game shouldn't be encouraging huge group of players it cannot even handle.. The game is running alot better, but it still freezes and lags horribly the minute you go over 150 players on a server and fairly quicker after starts kicking people out... So why are companies at 500 people?
  10. So maybe I'm wrong, but aren't unmanned anchored ships not supposed to take damage? Since the new patch we have lost 4 ships and our fleet is constantly taken damage from tornados (or whatever their called) is this a glitch? Or is it due to people leaving doors open? Ships were fully repaired when I went to bed this morning I log in to see all the ships sinking while anchored and the storm was ripping them all apart.. They have been in the same area for weeks parked in the same places
  11. Now if only this worked carrying cannons with the hordes of wolves...
  12. From years in business a happy customer has a 50/50 chance of telling 1-3 people how great you did and generate new customers... A angry customer has a 90% chance of scaring off between 1 and 1,000 potential customers.. I'm seriously pissed to see that tornados are sinking anchored ships in my harbor after the newest patch yet again... Do these guys even bother to test their new patches??
  13. Yeah I get that, not saying I didn't spend 2 hours literally last night trying to retrieve my body last night because a alpha tiger and 6 wolves we're camping my body, and then it was a alpha wolf with 5 other wolves doing it, and then several other packs.. ugh
  14. It's pretty hard to find a place to build especially solo, I'm in a medium size company 100+ NA PvP and have plenty of land for people to build on to spread out defenses on several islands, with minimal hassle.... discord AreYouReady2Die#0086 if interested (It's case sensitive)
  15. Don't see why your complaining about alphas.. I mean the xp alone especially when your shooting it with a company sharing xp is amazing xp.. just trap them if you need to..
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