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    How to Damage Ghost Ship (SOLVED!)

    Is one Galeon enough to destroy it?
  2. Johnson McGee

    V15 update about pillars?

    would also like to know
  3. Johnson McGee

    Naval Battle with The Late Shift!

    well then pls fix the ship sinking issue on pve servers....
  4. Johnson McGee

    Infinite weight dumbest devs ever

    yep that needs to be adressed asap!
  5. Johnson McGee

    Fun in PVE (sinking ship)

    yep that needs to be adressed asap. lost two ships overnight because of two fuckers wo did the same
  6. l9 is not down u just have to connect manually
  7. Johnson McGee

    ship/map bug?

    weird ship bug? We built a schooner on L9. Sailed to the next region (a freeport area). Then we logged out, came back 6hours later and our Schooner was gone. Just gone. And nothing showed up in the log. Did it sink? Maybe - but as I said - nothing in our log. So with sad faces we fast traveled back to L9 with a bed. Then I looked at my map and boom - i see my ship at the freeport - so i fasttraveled back. No ship - and nothing on the map. So i see my ship on the map when i'm in L9, but when i fasttravel to that freeport region its gone - can somebody elaborate?