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  1. The largest unofficial Atlas cluster, A Community run by Ark/Atlas modders, we have our own custom quality of life mods, we are the creators of the atlas offline guard system, and we have some custom ship mods coming very soon featuring more ships and better versions of vanilla ships. Website coming soon, for now join the discord to stay in touch with updates. Click Here --> 64 Gaming Discord
  2. Hey Guys, If you're tired of the Official PvE and looking for some fresh land to build on we have a fresh new server up, We have plugins currently running to enable world chat, and we will be launching our shop api very soon! -Our info can be found here https://www.7thcirclegaming.com/ -Discord Here https://discord.gg/W6c6Wpc
  3. I'm noticing it's not quite like ark on the server side, does anyone know where invididual player data is saved? I need to delete my character to resolve a issue with my server without wiping the entire redis
  4. I'm getting this message when booting my grids, I don't understand how to read this one, pls send help https://gyazo.com/5d77521e516cc7246a4157c5645e5e77
  5. new PvP server looking for more members https://discord.gg/pREGrg8
  6. new PvP server looking for more members https://discord.gg/pREGrg8
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