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  1. Uploaded : a bunch of cheap Treasure map bears up to lvl 77 13p HP rhino Uploading next a bunch of breedable bears Best regards
  2. Uploaded : Bears 16p weight Elephants more 13p weights A bunch of cheap bred bears that need to go Best regards
  3. Uploaded new breedable stats, that we tamed Giraffe 12p weight Rhino 12p Melee Visit our discord to see what we offer at the moment Best regards Sterk - CLP
  4. Uploaded yesterdays stats on our discord stay tuned to see what we tame next Best regards Sterk - CLP
  5. Upcoming breedable( no mutations ) bear stats : Hp 14 points Stamina14 points Food 13 points Oxygen 13 points Visit our discord to stay tuned for the newest stats we put on the market Sterk - CLP
  6. Hey everyone.. We uploaded a bunch of breedable bear stats incl. our new beauty a 15 points weight bear. More will be uploaded as allways over the next few days. Feel free to whisper for any questions. Coming next stamina and food stats for bears Best regards Sterk - CLP
  7. Hello everyone, We are starting to post the first stats animals on our discord. Like last season this will be our main focus to sell breedable stats animals. We settled this time in J11 and K2. For time being all trades will happen in J11 Cya soon and happy sailing Sterk - CLP
  8. Hello everyone, we will be returning for season 4. As last season we will mainly focus on selling stats animals / tames for breeding. More information will come as soon we all have settled in on the map. Best regards Sterk - CLP Discord link : https://discord.gg/AAV4EHr
  9. I had that message quite often and every time, it would take every "meat" i offered him.. aka it wouldnt matter if it was cooked prime animal or cooked prime fish meat Best regards Sterk - CLP
  10. Hello Captains, refilled our discord with new tamed stats & restocked old stats that were sold out over the last few days. New rhinos, elephants & giraffe stats posted Further we are looking for following Razor stats : unmutated, unimprinted & breedable HP 628 ( 9p+ ) Stamina 252 ( 11p+ ) Food 5500 ( 10p+ ) Melee 194,2% ( 18p+ ) Oxygen 330 ( 12p+ ) Weight 260,4 ( 12p+ ) Gladly we can announce to post the our first 220% melee razors on our discord this week. Thoose will be only sold neutered / spayed for time being. Best regards Sterk CLP
  11. Hello Captains, we are looking for some Razors stats, unmutated & breedable If you are interested in selling or trading stats please whisper me on our discord or contact me directly under sterk#6636 Best wishes for the new year Sterk CLP
  12. Upcoming breedable stats : Giraffe 12p food Rhinos 12p food Ostrich 13p melee Elephant 12p stam Tiger 12p weight Uploaded breedable: Lion 12p weight Lion 12p melee Ostrich 13p food Bear 15p oxygen Bear 17p weight Our christmas event is still ongoing and you can safe 33 % of all animal - stats prices. I wanna say again thanks for the ongoing support of our discord.. Every day we see new customers that are joining. Merry Xmas - Sterk CLP Merry christmas Sterk CLP
  13. Hello Captains Christmas time is near and we will start our Xmas - Event. We will give 33 % off all animal prices on our discord, current stock & all our new postings until 03.01.2020. Current reservations are incl. this offer. All reservation need to be picked up latest 03.01.2020. We have been busy the last few days and will post a lot of new stats today / tomorrow on our discord Once more i wanna say thank you guys and a big welcome to all new on our discord Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year - Sterk CLP
  14. Upcoming over the next days on our discord Wolfs: 12p melee 12p food Ostrich 12p weight Horse : 12p melee And we will upload around 15 breedable Elephants, that we tamed over the last weekend.. Best regards Sterk - CLP
  15. Uploaded : 17p HP Rhinos 13p Melee Rhinos We wanna say a big thank you for all the new customers / players that joined our discord over the last weeks and a big welcome. Thanks for all the purchases over the last few days, it has been some busy days. Our new tradecenter / pick up hub in i12 on our second island is soon ready and we will of course expand our program over the weekends. Stay tuned Sterk - CLP
  16. Uploaded : 14p food lion 13p stamina horse 12p weight horse 13p stamina ostrich 12p stamina rhinos Upcoming next : wolf 12p food and much much more stay tuned Sterk - CLP
  17. Hello Captains, we have been busy this weekeend and will upload over 50 new breedable tames today / tomorrow... 20 Rhinos, 20 Ostriche, Giraffes, lions, wolfs, horses and much much more So if you are looking for a new stat or colour to improve your breeding lines, have a look what we have in our stock and what we will post in the next 24 hours. As allways if you are looking for something certain, give me a whisper or leave a message. Ps. We finally had a good outcome from our 17hp Rhino lady... All pre- ordered 17hp Rhinos will be delivered this week Best regards Sterk - CLP
  18. Uploading today : Giraffe :12p weight Ostrich : 11p hp and a few minor stats Rhinos : More 13p Melee Rhinos are avaible Bears : 15p stamina + 15 Oxy Stay tuned & best regards Sterk - CLP
  19. Black Friday is coming and we have adjusted our prices this weekend on our Discord. Excluded of this offer is the 17 hp Rhino & 171 melee Rhino. Offers are ending sunday 1.12.19 Tiger stats are up & 171 Rhinos will be posted today Best Regards Sterk - CLP
  20. Uploaded new versions of our bear stats for sale Added 13p Oxygen bears - breedable Further to come : 15p Stamina bears - breedable Best regards Sterk CLP
  21. Thanks to all the new customers that bought a shit tons of animals over the last days. We will upload more animals over night - tomorrow. Leave a message in the rerserve section if you are interested in one of the stats we offer. Coming up Next : 14p HP Tigers 11p Oxy Tigers 17p Hp Rhinos 13p Melee Rhinos Best regards Sterk
  22. Uploaded : 14 p HP bears - breedable 14p Melee bears - breedable 13p stamina bears - breedable 15p food bears - breedable 13p food & 12p Hp Horse - breedable More to come as soon as possible : 17p HP Rhinos - breedable 13p Melee Rhinos - breedable https://discord.gg/CrHegbg Stay tuned Sterk - CLP
  23. Lvl 82 bears incoming over the next few days out of our mutation free breeding line - thoose will be sold neutered / spayed with 210 % melee Posting 15 points food bears starting wednesday on our discord - thoose will be sold breedable Posting over night more breedable horses Best regards Sterk - CLP
  24. Uploaded more breedable horses & bears. Uploaded our first lvl 70 + bears Best regards Sterk - CLP
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