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  1. The feeling when you watch that the developer does not understand what he is doing with the game. The game is doomed. By the time the game is released,there will be only burning fans. P.S bb Atlas
  2. First: 1 flag per player, the company limit is 100 players(do you want more territories? recruit players and have 100 flags).Want more?(earn company discoveries, 50 discoveries+flag) Second: the first flag is not taxed. The tax for each subsequent flag, the more flags, the higher the tax (for example, 50 gold for 5 game hours+10 gold for each subsequent=60 gold for 5 game hours (the calculation is abstract and will require adjustments). There is no gold? The area is free for capture. Third: allow players to make a choice for the first flag(for example, on the flag choose " I choose this flag as the first (main))" P.S sorry for my bad English
  3. Boy

    Hand Harvesting

    yes, i think it's a bug. Skill does not increase to the collection
  4. Boy

    Hand Harvesting

    please fix, this skill gives no proper harvesting
  5. Boy

    PvE shipyard destroying

    finish shipyard,skeleton,40 planks....just for one scum, BB Atlas,soon ur online in game,will be reduced to 1000 as the situation in bless online
  6. Boy

    PvE shipyard destroying

    nice, i build brigantine and someone just walked up and destroyed the shipyard and the ship itself. Nice PVE game, where u can't build big ship solo.