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  1. Yep. getting same error. starting to get annoying.
  2. Has anyone tried taming any of the shieldhorns/razertooths @ H6? I could not bola any of them with my crew mate. The game stated that "they are too heavy to entrap" but yesterday we was able to bola AND tame a shieldhorn AND Razortooth (got cucked by the game, razortooth asked for "meat") on C6. So, I'm confused whether it's only allowed on specific powerstone islands that allow taming or if it just bugged the hell out for me and my crew. Yes, we have tamed Shieldhorn.
  3. 1 large and 1 small, speeds faster than a brig with 3x speed sail
  4. We [Lotus] are in F11 on NA PvE willing to trade weight for weight for fibre/sugarcane (preferred) to metal. If interested, please respond and will try to get back as soon as possible!
  5. I assume it is a possibility to have children in game with other characters since it is possible to die of old age. Is that a thing? Or have I been mishearing things?
  6. Larsque

    Claim Flag Bug

    My alliance buddies found out what the cause was is that if it is in a zone between land claims. It will knock out only ONE claim and not another claim thus causing the negative time. It's been a problem for us too as I've lost my shipyard and I am profoundly peeved because I am down to 1 strip of land that I am actively using and that strip of land has no access to open waters that provides safe passageway for anything larger than a raft.
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