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  1. Update or change the game font to display other languages in chat and names. We have to use clunky third-party ark fonts which have bad scaling to see Cyrillic and other languages in the chat.
  2. Trying to tame an elephant, I feed through one bola, get him low again, bola, and unable to feed. I have the blue line of text "press e to feed", I have the wheat in slot 0, I press e and nothing happens, at all. I changed weapons, relogged, whatever. After some time the text becomes red and taming and effectiveness go down to 0. Also after I bola him combat music continues and it seems like after it stopped I was able to feed again after already lost almost all progress.
  3. Zoning did not fix it for me, restarting game with steam didn't do it either.
  4. I don´t mint the fish in lakes, I mind 5 sharks, 7 jelly fish and more deep water shite all spawning on you when you trying to submerge in your diving suit.
  5. A crocodile eats it in less than a minute. A wooden construction. Also, a crocodile can kill seamen NPCs on a schooner from the water. They're basically the fastest and worst water creatures in the game, faster than sharks.
  6. 100 units of water in the water barrel, which is equal to one full drink or 1 water skin, weighs 100kg for some reason. Which is pretty crazy. I think units are wrong, it should have 5000 units of water, instead of 500, because water jar fills half of the barrel, which is 250 units.
  7. I put canon in the deckhouse, you can mount it, it reloads, but when I press shoot, I just get off it and nothing happens. The target indicator shows that there are no obstructions, I can shoot freely, but it doesn´t work.
  8. Happened a few times already, I would put bolas in a folder, and after death folder and all of them would be lost. And this time they were lost after I logged back in the game this noon - no folder, no bolas.
  9. You can watch the new "cinematic experience" video on repeat, I guess.
  10. I got disconnected when trying to respawn on my ship in E5 sector on PvP EU server (whale's wrath) and I cannot log back into the game, it says "Lost/timedout connection to host". I tried relaunching game and steam, scanned local files, tried respawning on a new starting sector - every time the same.
  11. Same on EU PvP Whale's Wrath, got disconnected while my friends on the same sector were ok. I can't connect now for an hour straight, and they are still playing and everything was fine...
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