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  1. So after more testing with a cow, I was able to access it's inventory after leaving render distance for a good while and coming back. It hadn't leveled at all, but I was able to access it fine.
  2. As soon as my new sheep leveled up, I was able to start accessing it's inventory.
  3. I'm fine with only having access to their pre-made maps, I just want to be able to actually see the map ingame. Makes it difficult to navigate otherwise. I've been making custom map markers on the islands I go to in the mean time but I would also like to do treasure maps at some point.
  4. Unfortunately G-Portal doesn't support making your own custom maps so I do not have access to the ServerGrid.json file. If there is some way to do this, I haven't been able to find it.
  5. So I have been using a custom map on a Nitrado server and have been able to get all the maps working perfectly. I understand how to fix the "no map" issue on dedicated and Nitrado servers. I've decided to try out G-Portal and see if I like their services more, and got it all set up, but now I have the "no in game map" issue. Does anyone know how to fix this on a G-Portal server specifically? I don't see a spot to be able to upload map files or anything like that so I have no idea how to fix this or if it's even possible.
  6. This happened to my girlfriend. All you have to do is re-verify your Atlas game through the steam launcher and it will download the corrupted file. Doesn't take too terribly long and fixes it up nicely.
  7. Does anyone know how to enable bosses and the main story quest line from official into a private server? Are there specific islands that cyclops and the like spawn on and if so, which ones? I don't have much experience playing on official, I prefer a private server so I'm not 100% sure if these things are even implemented yet, but I know in my little experience I saw a quest listed in the atlas.
  8. On my custom map I have three ship paths with path name NPC1, NPC2, and NPC3. AutoSpawnEveryUTCInterval 0. I have auto spawn at first node checked and that's it. Last night, I crossed one of the paths on my raft and ended up finding a merchant ship.
  9. On my private Nitrado server with custom map, I have several ship paths set up and last night, I did come across a merchant ship. He sold the same items as the cosmetic vendor plus a token for a dragon tame that was a couple thousand gold.
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