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  1. CoOpGamerCouple

    Ship to ship buffs

    Have the devs considered adding ship buffs to increase the viability of using different ships in combat? For instance, maybe a schooners ship buff reveals enemy ships that the captain of the schooner can "call out" to other boats in the fleet and reveal locations. Maybe the galleon gives nearby allied ships a damage reduction buff and the brig gives a damage output buff or something. I'm sure with a little thought it could go more in depth and have an added benefit to running not just one type of ship in game. Just a thought, maybe it's been suggested already, didn't find anything on it so was throwing it out there.
  2. CoOpGamerCouple

    The damned ships are too aggressive

    You guys shouldn't be losing ships to SotDs like that, especially a schooner or better. You see them well enough in advance and they don't aggro unless you get right up on them. If you're crossing zones, park at the border and have a buddy cross in the dinghy or do it yourself. Don't cross borders at full speed either because if it takes you a few seconds to load in, you'll be further past that border relative to your original speed. Get to the border, cross slowly for safety and then look around. If you were over weight, consider that a lesson learned.
  3. CoOpGamerCouple

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    Not that simple really... I like an age mechanic. I don't like the rate at which I age or the current content to reduce my age. I don't want it to be easy but I also don't want it to be near impossible because of poor implementation.
  4. We get it devs. It's alpha, early access. However, instead of telling people 8 times that the server is going to restart in 20 minutes, could you please just wait. Wait until you're actually ready to restart, then give us 20 minutes and actually push it when you say. We know there will be bugs, we know there will be restarts but each time you say 20 minutes, people prep to go offline, anchor ships, wait and then it doesn't happen. Alternatively, they are tired of the predictable non-restarts and sail and then you tell them they have 5 minutes before the server restarts and they can't make it back to land. I'm not saying don't restart with minor versions, I'm simply saying don't tell us in 20 minutes and then take another 20, and another 20, etc. That is really annoying and yes, I know, it's alpha.
  5. CoOpGamerCouple

    NPCs Get Tossed Off of Ship - VIDEO

    Has anyone else experienced this?
  6. CoOpGamerCouple

    NPCs Get Tossed Off of Ship - VIDEO

    This is the second time this has happened. Any thoughts on where my NPC went?? Watch my screen on the left. NPC Disappered
  7. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    Fair point, we are on PVE but if I were on PVP I wouldn't give out my location currently either!
  8. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    What server and grid? If you're anywhere near us, we can bring you some supplies, happy to help if we can for now!
  9. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    Good to know, I figured that was the case and that's how I'd prefer it to be. Hardcoded is probably just a way of saying it is set in the object class and no other classes have access to it. Somewhere in the code though there is a radius set for that. Unless of course, there is a group of items that share the same radius, then they'd have a little work to do to change it.
  10. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    But is that the case for just the region server or is it the case map wide? If I log into that region it resets but if I never travel to another region I've built in does the decay keep counting down? @LifelessGamer It seems like a very random bug given their patch notes and with it being such a game breaker, they really should've responded by now. I don't mind a fix to the pillaring, even having pillared a little myself to keep our future build plans alive. You guys are right though, it could just be another griefing tool.
  11. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    I recognize that as a possibility but pillaring is what made Ark official so unbearable for us but at least they'd have to commit to building a full structure, maybe even increasing the size to a 2x2 with walls and roof. If this was the fix, current resource spawn blocking, I'd be for it. I also think decay should apply if you haven't been there recently. For instance, lets say I go to B7, build some stuff, leave and don't come back for like a month, those items should eventually decay. Maybe they do now and I just don't know it.
  12. CoOpGamerCouple

    What about the resouce respawn?

    We placed down some floors to outline our territory on NA PVE. We tested it last night and pulled them up and resources came back again. I don't mind the system, if they would just explain it. I'd even be for foundations without walls/roof having a faster decay.
  13. CoOpGamerCouple

    NPCs glitching on ship...

    Any time you have a dinghy dock on a schooner and an NPC sits on that side, they sit underneath the dock. When you unseat them they start bouncing around. This can result in them bouncing completely off of the ship and disappearing.
  14. CoOpGamerCouple

    ghost ships spawning next to our ships

    When you say spawning on your boats, are you referring to when you cross zones? If so, cross zones either in a dinghy first or by swimming to see if a ghost ship is on the other side and have a crew member bring the ship across. Other than that, they are pretty easy to avoid in open water.
  15. CoOpGamerCouple


    If you're having issues with SotD while changing zones then I suggest building a dinghy dock and using a dinghy to scout ahead for SotD. We were following this rule and I decided not to and we spawned into a SotD. We had little wind and over 50% weight but we got away. Encounter happens at 2:58:00. I was on the struggle bus a little bit but we got away because when I took him across two zones, he stopped attacking. Lesson that we learned, always scout ahead, don't ever get comfortable at sea. For general tips you want to keep their bow (front) facing you. They will turn to try and take a broadside shot. It may be feasible to turn with them, taking the same angle they do so the angle of attack is too steep for the canons and then immediately turn back into them to force them to make another correction. In most cases that should put you far enough ahead to avoid them. Broadside shots are devastating up close but if you have a little more wind than what we had and some distance, you can let them take a broadside, then turn into it, they might get one more shot off but their next turn will be so big that you should have the distance to outrun their aggro range. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/357340745?t=02h58m14s