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  1. Ok this is amazing, but now, can we just plug in a midi piano keyboard and play the accordian?? Could the devs add a midi compatibility for the ingame instrument? Would be amazing, full of pirat's dance partys everywhere
  2. you can't outrun them when the wind is weak yesterday: changed server 2 ghost ships spawned on me at same time 2 speed sails on my sloop, 20% of weight, but no wind can't outrun them, i died Damned ships can travel counter wind, but they can travel as fast even if there is no wind (aka when a normal ship can't outrun) and they can spawn on the border of the map so you dont see them fix this omg
  3. inventory and console works fine, its just the hud broken
  4. Where do you guys see the patch note? is there an official website or something plz?
  5. im on an azerty keyboard, ~ which is 2 key and ` which is 7 key doesnt open console any help?
  6. Hello I can't find vsinc option, or something else to cap-limit-max fps to 60 It's a big problem for me because i have a 60 fps screen but the game is uselessly running crazy at 100 fps and the video card burning to 70-80 ┬░Celsius Can someone help me? Do someone knows if devs are implementing such option?
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