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  1. Are the files that allow modifying the translation of the game to be updated? The document "ShooterGame.archive" is currently out of date. Many new items are missing. The Spanish translation, and others, has many errors and I would like to be able to correct it.
  2. Drako

    New World Map!

    Yeah, this sucks. But its an early access. Not a finished game like ARK. They can do whatever they want.
  3. I think that only includes structures, not criatures or ships. We already had a base on the island. So we decided to NOT wipe the island. The only structures on the island was the structures of the old owner ones. Finally we cleaned the island of old structures using cannon and bear.
  4. Is sad hear thinks like that. Yes this is an old patch note but is the reality right now. This isnt a necro post. Its a live post. Right now at 11/04/2019 in the official server EU PvP, you claim an island and if you have 12k gold, you can wipe everything on the island. My only question was if my stuff will be wiped or not. I dont care about if this is a good or bad thing. I only asqued if my stuff will be wiped too if i pay the 12k gold. I INSIST: Right now in the game, i have an island and i can wipe everything if i want. This discussion isnt about old reverted stuff.
  5. You need to wait 48h until you can wipe everything. And only for 24h. If the owner of the island logout for two days, right now, you can wipe all his stuff. The question is if your structures will be wiped too. Do you think that this is dumb? I stole an island and i cant build on it for two days if i want to wipe everything, becouse all my buildings will be wiped too? I think that this is a serius question. I dont want instant wipe an island that i have just claimed. I only want to know if i will lose all i have already builded during two days on the island if i use de wipe option. And as they answered, yes, I would lose everything. So, its cannon time.
  6. - Settlement Owners can now raze a settlement after first claiming it. This will destroy all structures on the island. The cost to raze will be 12k gold on PvP servers and 25k gold on PvE servers. Settlement Owners will need to wait 48 hours to be able to raze an island after claiming it. The raze option will then be available for a 24-hour window only. This option is only functional during peacetime on PvP networks. Anyone know if this will also destroy the structures of the owner of the island? Or will it only destroy enemy structures? I play on EU PvP
  7. My company and I have certain problems with how the claims system currently works. You can store many materials and gold on your flag. If I steal your flag, everything inside will be lost. There is not a bag left on the floor, simply all this is lost. Right now, if I steal your island, I have to wait more than a week for all your structures to decay until I can destroy them. Or pay 12k gold. It would be more logical for all these structures to become the property of my company. What I propose is that the structures of the old owner of the island pass to the new owner. The structures of other companies will not affected. If you recover your island, you recover all your structures and you will keep mine structures too. Less destrucction, less boring wait and farm and a reason to conquer an island.
  8. Hi, I want to configure permissions so that a certain group can build and destroy their structures. But they cannot destroy the structures created by a superior group. The problem is that right now if you allow them to use a door, they can destroy it. The same happens with the lighting of the fires and the forge. If they can turn on a forge, they can destroy it. If I modify the permissions so that they cannot demolish, they will not demolish their own structures, and I do not want that.
  9. The Spanish translation is wrong. So I tried to edit the files by myself and fix it. I have created a new folder called ES2 in the language directory and copied the ES files on it. I have also changed the launch parameters to -culture=es2 Steam\steamapps\common\ATLAS\ShooterGame\Content\Localization\Game\es2 I have modified the file: ShooterGame.archive But I don't know how to export it to ShooterGame.locres or how to make my translation work. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I can't find information on the internet. Someone could help me?
  10. The same happened to me. They should be change the location of the export button.
  11. I dont care, i still enyoining the game. I will still playing. New dedicated servers usually are better than the official and giant server.
  12. Like singleplayer mode in ARK. Blackwook isnt only for singleplayer. Its a good map for small dedicated servers. Not everyone wants to play on the official server, be a slave or get detroyed by a huge company.
  13. Like other players, i was wating for this. Blackwood will be perfect for my own server. So... Speak for yourself. I want new stuff too, but Blackwood will be the start point for the map modders with the release of the DEVKIT.
  14. Should be good other types of ships, but not only ships with cannons. A caravel or a Carrack with high HP, high max weigh, but only a few cannons. Just for transport. Or a Trirreme. Agile, fast, low HP but capable of ramming big ships with damage reduction. What do you think?
  15. The new islands are special. They are not copy and paste. They are a new type of island with a more realistic aesthetic. Possibly they are NOT claimeable.
  16. You can easily fill your feeders with berries. The problem is that it rots very fast inside the feeder and it is a tedious job to feed the NPC arround all your island. It is not fun to lose an hour or more a day feeding all the npcs. To this, we need to add the Gold problem. How do we solve it? - Increase the time the food lasts. - Allow the payment of gold from the flag. - Reduce slightly the consumption of gold by 15% to 20%.
  17. I has added some images in which you can appreciate the problem with the sails. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He añadido unas imágenes en las que se aprecia el problema con las velas.
  18. Hi. I do not know if you still have these problems. I would like to read your opinions and know if you think these ideas would solve it. I play in the [EU] PVP server. - The NPC crew consumes a lot of food. - The gold consumption of the NPCs is still very high. If you have more than 30npc, daily gold consumption starts to be serious. - It would be a good idea to allow the use of preserving salt inside the mess table. The food of the npcs would last longer and would not rot before being ingested. - Inside the mess table, a food unit is always removed from the same stack to feed the NPCs. This causes the rest of the stacks to rot before they are consumed. If a unit is consumed from a different stack each time, it could also help the food problem. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hola. No sé si todavía tienes estos problemas. Me gustaría leer tus opiniones y saber si crees que estas ideas lo resolverían. Juego en el servidor PVP [EU]. - La tripulación NPC consume mucha comida. - El consumo de oro de los NPC aún sigue siendo muy alta. Si tienes mas de 30npc, el consumo de oro diario empieza a ser algo serio. - Sería buena idea permitir el uso de preserving salt dentro de la mess table. La comida de los npcs duraría más y no se pudriría antes de ser ingerida. - Dentro de la mess table, siempre se retira una unidad de comida del mismo stack para alimentar a los NPC. Esto hace que el resto de stacks se pudran antes de ser consumidos. Si se consume una unidad de un stack diferente cada vez, también podría ayudar al problema del alimento.
  19. Hi. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on some problems related to dyes. And hopefully, get some response or opinion from a dev. - Using the white coloring to "erase" the paint makes sense. But the silver and snow dyes are not visible either. It is impossible to paint a ship in white. - The dyes should be more intense in the ship planks. They are barely visible on the lower planks. - A resolution of 255x255 px is fine for the flag. But it is insufficient for the sails, causing you need to use images of lower quality. - The use of 512x512 px images for larger sails, should be enough to improve the quality of the image and avoid pixelated painted sails. I attached an image that I used in my sails so that you can see the loss of quality necessary for an image to fit inside a large sail. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hola. Quería compartir convosotros mis pensamientos sobre algunos problemas relacionados con los tintes. Y con suerte, obtener alguna respuesta u opinión de un dev. - Usar el color blanco para "borrar" la pintura tiene sentido. Pero los tintes de plata y nieve tampoco son visibles. Es imposible pintar un barco en blanco. - Los tintes deberían ser más intensos en los tablones de la nave. Apenas son visibles en los tablones inferiores. - Una resolución de 255x255 px está bien para la bandera. Pero no es suficiente para las velas, ya que es necesario utilizar imágenes de menor calidad. - El uso de imágenes de 512x512 px para velas más grandes, debería ser suficiente para mejorar la calidad de la imagen y evitar las velas pintadas pixeladas. Adjunté una imagen que usé en mis velas para que puedas ver la pérdida de calidad necesaria para que una imagen se ajuste dentro de una vela grande.
  20. The torpedo, the submarine, the gears on the hook skin, the steam boat NPC with wheels on the sides.... For me, the game is clearly aimed at a future steampunk aesthetic. And i love it.
  21. Just as ARK is not a prehistoric game but a futuristic game with dinosaurs. ATLAS is not a historical pirate game but a steampunk pirate game. Deal with it.
  22. Sorry. I forgot to say that I'm talking about the PvP Colonies server. If I go to the island of my allies, I will get less resources and treasure gold because of the taxes. Is not this true? I am proposing that you can not charge taxes to your allies. they would get the same amount of resources as in a lawless or if the island were theirs.
  23. Hi all. I would like to propose the implementation of an option that allows us not to tax resources to our allies or give them a different percentage to them. What do you think of the idea? Do you think it would be beneficial to improve the quality of the alliances? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPANISH - ESPAÑOL Hola a todos. Me gustaría proponer la implementación de una opción que nos permita no gravar los recursos a nuestros aliados o darles un porcentaje diferente. ¿Qué te parece la idea? ¿Crees que sería beneficioso mejorar la calidad de las alianzas?
  24. He añadido una actualización a mi traducción. He añadido el post original y he traducido el ARKPntEditor a español.
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