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  1. StrykerDK

    Poll on Age Mechanic

    It needs to get removed. We have a life besides this game.
  2. StrykerDK

    Old AF Debuff

    The fountain of youth debuff is just a joke. It is way to hard to get too.
  3. StrykerDK

    Fountain of Youth : The death of Atlas.

    fountain of youth is just to hard to get too. I hope they gonna change it somehow or just remove it again.
  4. StrykerDK

    Carry weight Messed up after last nights Patch

    The fountain of youth is just to hard to get too I think. The Elephant weight nerf is just a joke. I hope they gonna change that.
  5. StrykerDK

    PVE claiming issues

    The new timer for the flag claiming is broken not everyone have the time to sit there for 6 hours only :).
  6. StrykerDK

    Report PVE player sink ship and insult

    Just wrote something like this "https://N/A" or https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/N/A and you should be able to make the report :).
  7. StrykerDK

    Killing Players while in PVE

    Sadly alot of players are doing this on others to take over they place. But hopefully they gonna patch it so you can't kite other animels into people while sleeping.
  8. You need to ban the toxic players on EU PVE server. this is getting out of hand ! . This company "Memento Mori" was overloading the raft but I caught them doing so. Just because we are trying to get the same flag. So you guys made a PVE server into a PVP server just with sinking ships. This was the hole company !.
  9. We had some guy teleporting around today and just sincking our raft and ofc we did not had the recording program open -.-
  10. StrykerDK

    l6 pve server not letting me connect

    I am also having the same problem !. But what does it helps us out to post it on a bug forum then our stuff is gonna decay while we can't access the game. It does not bring back hours of farming for stuff. And also we had a ship destroyed by a ghost ship ! . Also how can we get fast help on issues like this because the Discord is no help at all !. Useless is the right word here.