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  1. Not for me, back to primalgame loading repeatedly.
  2. Im getting an unable to query server now, so, progress? Though still worried for my ship since I was sailing when it started.
  3. Both animals Ive used cargo carts on have disappeared. Didnt even change grids, so it looks like sailing at all with a cargo cart onboard can create problems. I didnt even see them go
  4. There was a large amount of lag for me in C5 earlier today, so I logged off for a while. Now any time I login I either get a black screen for 30 minutes that never moves to the game, or a near immediate UE4 error about some soil type, either way I cant even log in to the game anymore.
  5. Most likely culprit is being too shallow. If it is, your ship will break dance, Literally. Deeper water, or make sure theres no pillars/foundations. Also smaller ships require less deep water, so if you're unsure, Id move it just in case.
  6. Only as a thought I cant think of a company that could pull off a system that ambitious very well. Could be cool though
  7. Atlas and sandbox games in general can be great to get into gaming, because there is so much to do, however there is ALOT to take in. Especially for someone who is relatively new to gaming. I wouldnt suggest and early access game really, because of the frustrations generally associated with them. Atlas would be a good game to play together though. Sailing with a second, or handful of people is very nice. And those small frustrations that might make you stop playing are more tolerable, sometimes even funny, if you're both learning the game. Animals, ships, treasure maps... theres quite a bit to do, even if some of the systems are overall blegh. I would look for something relatively easy to get into, or atleast has a really good tutorial.
  8. Thinking on your pve only crafting... If done RIGHT (Grapeshot couldnt) that could be a great idea. PvP players needing to rely on pve for supplies/ammo/weapons. You would need better shops, Maybe a shipyard you could store materials in to allow people to buy repairs. Dont set zones as pvp/pve, let the player flag himself. Maybe lock the use of certain weapons behind the PvP flag.
  9. As frustrating as the death runs for FoY are, they are also some of the most fun Ive had. Trying to figure out what the orange glow on the island is while I sail up, and then seeing the dragon flying at me angry was amazing, if a little terrifying. Buddy got mermaided off the wheel while driving a ship up there for us. Sailed through a pack of the damned, ships doing down. Barely get it to shore but smithy is gone, and no real way to get the planks we're missing back, it sinks and we decide to run it anyway. Spend the next hour or so running/swimming around the island (the long way since it kept us farther from the city-looking place) using the water to dodge wolves and land for crocs.... He got it, I died in the cave when I made a wrong turn. Frustrating as hell, but it was great fun.
  10. Activate(use) and order (crew&tames)ranks are basically who can use or order something. From what I can tell, 0 is anyone. Im not entirely sure how the numbering works, if someone with activation rank 0 can activate a 1 for example.
  11. Lighthouses on lawless PVE are not displaying decay correctly. Whenever I check its got 5 days remaining, yet this is the second time my lighthouse has been demolished and one setup shortly down the beach.
  12. Previously gear with Speed increases, and static bonuses to weight, fortitude etc, were patched out. Leaving us instead with just the %bonuses and no speed. Were they supposed to be added back in, or just an error during the update process?
  13. Company Name changes do have a cooldown. Its somewhere between 12 and 24 hours I believe. I was stuck with "No its my company" for a day after my friend who stopped playing gave me admin of the company.
  14. My solution would be a hard limit to flags, around 5, I think. With possiblity an ability to buy/earn more. I like the company tier system for earning more flags, since it encourages people to play together to unlock more flags, Though not sure how Id break it down. The main system would include claiming like we do now, except the timer begins at 5 days, and can increase to a maximum of 14 days by spending time in that area. Time gained should be greater than time spent, something like a minute played would gain 2 minutes on your claim timer. And the ability to buy more time with gold, incase a longer break is necessary. Could the time increase in blocks as well, to prevent people just idling. Every 2 hours spent in zone gains 4 hours for example. One for two might work, though Im fairly sure 2 hours would certainly kill someone just afk'd in an area.
  15. Why couldnt they? Only takes one shipyard to build ships, and with 10 people working you can pump em out quick as hell. They certainly do have more than enough room to build it, even an advantage over a solo player. Now if you mean to say they dont have enough room inside that bubble to park 40 ships... well you would be correct. But whats your point? Doesnt change anything if the ships are in your zone or not when anchored.
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